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Udemy vs. Udacity: Side By Side Comparison & Review

Looking to find the right online ​learning platform for you? Today we’re comparing Udemy and Udacity. What are the major differences between Udemy and Udacity? Udemy offers shorter, less expensive courses on a wide range of topics that anyone can produce. Udacity provides more extended nanodegree programs in partnership with leading industry partners, and tends to […]


Online Course Examples: Everyday People Having Success With Online Courses

​Before you get stuck in making your own course, ​check out these​ online course examples​. They’re all everyday people who have taken the jump and now have thriving online course businesses as a big part of what they do. Personally, I find it really inspiring to see how many people there are now out there teaching unusual […]


Best Online Course Platform: Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi vs WordPress vs Udemy

​updated ​​​October 2019Are you struggling to decide between a host of different online course platforms?In this article we’re going to take a look at 5 of the best online course platforms (Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi vs WordPress vs Udemy) and compare some of the most important features between them.​In this article, you’ll learn how […]


Teachable Review (2019): Best Option For Beginners?

This in-depth Teachable review will help you decide if it’s the right platform for you as we take a look in detail at it’s main features and issues.


5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Creating An Online Course

Creating an online course is not really an easy process. There’s alot of stages and it takes lot of work. It’s a journey and it can be overwhelming at times. You want a nice clear route ahead like the photo above. You want to avoid twists and turns, dead ends, and tumbleweeds when it comes time […]


How To Host Your Course Online

Once you’ve recorded your course, it’s time to get it up online and out into the world. Hosting your course online used to be a major headache but with the boom in online courses over the last few years many easier options have sprung up. So many options, in fact, that you can spend weeks trying to […]


How To Record Your Online Course

​Actually recording and making your online course is a step that a lot of people fear.  They’re concerned about technology issues, or not knowing how to create an online course that looks professional. This article will help you with both these issues and more. Before we get started on this though I want to say one thing […]


How To Structure & Outline Your Online Course

Structuring your online course content and making an online course outline is a vital step in creating an online course . It helps you focus on the most important content for your course, and creates a lot of clarity for when you come to the follow up step of actually recording and making it. Focus […]


How To Choose An Online Course Topic That Sells

This is a vital first step to prevent you from creating an online course that nobody wants. Learn how to choose a great online course topic that sells

Mushroom Grower to Course Geek

How I Went From Mushroom Grower To Online Course Teacher

Strange transition I know, but I’m going to very briefly walk you through how it happened and I hope it’ll help you understand how you’re probably only a few steps away from being able to make a similar journey yourself.

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