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How to Launch An Online Course (The Right Way…)

Do you want to create an online course, but ​are unsure how to launch it out there into the world? How do you successfully launch an online course? Before you launch your course, you want to make sure you’ve got an audience that is interested in buying. You should engage with your audience to see what […]


LMS vs. Membership Plugins: Which Should You Use To Create An Online Course?

If you decide to ​create your online course ​using WordPress, then you’ll be faced with a range of different LMS and membership plugins to choose from.​ So, is an LMS plugin or a membership plugin better for creating an online course? LMS plugins are better for creating feature-rich and well structured online courses, ​complete with quizzes, progress […]

Clickfunnels For Building A Membership Site

Is Clickfunnels Good For Building A Membership Site?

Do you already use ClickFunnels to create landing pages and sales funnels for your website? Then it might seem logical to use its existing features to create ​an online course or membership site too. Is ClickFunnels good for building a membership site? ​The short answer is no, ClickFunnels is ​not a good option for creating membership […]


Using YouTube To Sell More Online Courses (Complete Guide)

YouTube is one of the most popular ways ​that people watch video ​these days. Some of my friends admit to watching more YouTube videos than traditional TV or Netflix! ​YouTube is also an amazing way to build an audience of potential customers for your online course business.  ​You can teach some of your knowledge for free and […]


How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Course?

​When you’re first considering creating an online course, one factor many people are unsure about is how much it’ll cost to do. So, how much does it cost to create an online course? On a tight budget, you ​can create a professional looking online course for ​between $350 and $1,000. Factors that can ​impact ​the cost […]


How to Market & Sell Your Online Course (The Complete Guide)

​Marketing and selling your online course is one of the most important aspects of a successful online course business. Without a clear marketing strategy there’s a​ high chance you​ could end up ​creating a great online course, but then struggling to ​find customers for it. So, how exactly ​should you market and sell your online course?  ​There are […]


How to Price Your Online Course

​One of the big questions everyone faces when creating ​an online course is how much are you going to charge for it? ​And it’s a difficult question to answer as it can depend​ on so many variables. However, in this article I’m going to show you some clear guidelines you can use to help you decide. You’ll learn […]


How To Validate Your Online Course Idea (Step By Step Guide)

So you think you’ve got a great idea for an online course. But how do you know if it will be popular​ or not? Too many​ people never even start ​creating an online course because they’re ​afraid of failing. I get it. The idea of sinking hundreds of hours into creating the perfect online course is terrifying […]


How to Sell Your Online Course On Pinterest

​​Pinterest can be an excellent way to drive extra traffic to your website and help you ​sell your online course.  However, you need to follow the right steps to ensure success. Linking users directly to your course sales page won’t be as effective as creating a funnel by using blog posts.  ​Most Pinterest guides you’ll find […]


Using SEO To Sell Online Courses (Complete Guide For Beginners)

Using SEO to sell online courses is one of the best long term marketing strategies you ​can devote your time and resource to.  Yet it’s not often talked about. ​Popular marketing methods like Facebook ads and YouTube can work well​, but organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing can ​generate a stream of highly […]


How To Create An Online Course In WordPress: A Step By Step Guide

Thinking of creating your online course on WordPress?  ​Making and selling an online course from your own WordPress website ​offers a lot of control and customization, which other online course platforms can’t compete with. However, there are many steps to get it all set up and running. You’ll need to buy a domain, get web hosting, set up […]


How To Create An Online Course [Ultimate Beginners Guide]

So, you’ve got an idea to make an online course but you’re not sure where to start​. ​I know it can fe​el pretty overwhelming,​ and ​if you’re not careful you might just abondon the whole idea. ​​Don’t do that though – creating an online course is one of the best ways to create a successful online business. ​​​This […]

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