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AutoCAD Courses & Certifications Online

10 Best AutoCAD Courses & Certifications Online

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Our Top Pick

The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2021 Course by Jaiprakash Pandey 

With thousands of five star reviews and hundreds of happy customers, it was easy to select Pandey’s complete guide to AutoCAD, covering the last three years of work in the field, as our number one choice.

You can read more about what makes it so fantastic below, or go ahead and get started – it comes so highly recommended, you might not even need convincing that it’s right for you!

“The most important thing about goals is having one!”
– Geoffrey F. Abert, Author

Credited with revolutionizing the world of Computer Aided Design by bringing such programs to home computers, AutoCAD was born in 1989, developed by software giants Autodesk. 

It is now one of the most popular 3D design programs worldwide!

Allowing tech novices to design and draft their own CAD work from the comfort of their couch, it has changed the world of graphic design. And now you can learn exactly how it works, right from your couch, too!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw or model 2D and 3D designs by hand, with a huge range of applications from interior design and fine art to aeronautical, engineering and architectural work, these are the courses for you.

Courses range from the absolute beginners’ basics to a complete refresher’s guide for professionals, so you can select an appropriate ability level and price point that suits you.

Read on to find out more about each individual course and what they have to offer you. Whether you’re a set designer, an electrician or a mechanic, there’s sure to be something you can learn from the amazing professionals running them.

Good luck!

Top Ten AutoCAD Courses Right Now – At A Glance:

  1. The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2021 Course 
  2. AutoCAD 2021 Essential Training
  3. 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes 
  4. AutoCAD Classes – Introduction Training 
  5. AutoCAD 2015-2021: Refresher’s Crash Course Program
  6. AutoCAD Beginners Course – Zero to Hero Fast with AutoCAD
  7. Complete Course in AutoCad 2020: 2D and 3D 
  8. Learning Autodesk AutoCAD – Crash Course
  9. AutoCAD 2018-2021: Advanced Course for Professional Users
  10. Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide To AutoCAD by Ozgur Gargun

The Reviews Are In… A Closer Look

#1 The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2021 Course by Jaiprakash Pandey 



  • Incredibly comprehensive with 184 downloadable video lectures
  • Only requires a basic knowledge of Windows OS to begin
  • Auto-generated closed captioning in over six different languages


  • Does not come with access to AutoCAD as part of your purchase

Given that we selected it as our top pick, we probably don’t have to tell you that this course is fantastic, whether you have no prior knowledge of AutoCAD or are seeking new or more advanced techniques and topics.

Containing pretty much all of the information you’ll ever need for CAD software, start right at the beginning with lecture one or flick through and find the subjects you need more assistance with.

Project orientated, with the majority of tools and commands illustrated alongside real world applications, you’ll also learn to practice drawings and have full time access to instructor support on whatever you need. Just send him your questions!

#2 AutoCAD 2021 Essential Training by Shaun Bryant


  • Shaun Bryant is an Autodesk Certified instructor 
  • Comes with Linkedin Learning Certificate of Completion
  • Prepares you for using AutoCAD in any industry


  • Not as comprehensive as some other courses – more for beginners

Exploring the basics and beyond, this AutoCAD course is perfect for those just dipping their toes into the world of Computer Aided Design. Bang up to date for 2021, it contains all you need to get started, no matter the profession.

Not only will you come away from this course fully equipped with all of the skills you need to further explore AutoCAD on your own, but you’ll also receive a certificate to demonstrate what you’ve learned. This PDF is fantastic to show potential employers!

Presented by a fully accredited Autodesk instructor, you know you’re learning from the best and receiving information directly from the source. Given Autodesk INVENTED AutoCAD, it’s probably difficult to do better than this.

#3 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes by Lynn Allen


  • Teaches you to condense AutoCAD tasks and finish them quicker
  • Full of new features from the latest AutoCAD software releases
  • Lynn Allen works for AutoDes, and has 25 years of experience


  • More of a quick journey through AutoCAD than a comprehensive course

Looking to grapple AutoCAD without spending weeks of your life learning all there is to know? Look no further than tech guru Lyn Allen’s whirlwind course, which will not just teach you how to use the software, but how to be efficient with it, too.

Providing one tip a minute, fed by a Cadalyst columnist with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in AutoCAD and similar software, there’s bound to be something you don’t already know in here, no matter your existing skills.

From initiating tasks in fewer steps to reorganizing the entire AutoCAD user interface to promote maximum productivity, you’ll gain expert knowledge from software veterans and equip yourself with the skills of seasoned users.

#4 AutoCAD Classes – Introduction Training – Live or Self Paced 


  • Hands on, instructor led training or conducted yourself over the internet
  • All training materials shipped to you, worldwide
  • Authentic AutoDesk certificate of completion once finished


  • Will cost you quite a pretty penny! (Self-Paced training is more affordable)

Do you seek instruction from a certified Autodesk instructor, who boasts 22 years of real-world design experience? Learn by watching, doing and discussing, interacting with your educator and fellow students for the benefit of cumulative knowledge.

Whether you choose to direct yourself or work alongside a class, you can access all of your training materials constantly, 27/7; when amateur Youtube videos just aren’t cutting it, you can turn to CAD Training Online’s highly recommended program.

No matter what your learning style of choice is, there’s a course to suit you – they are also registered as official in terms of Continuing Education, so they’ll count toward accreditation. Reviews suggest that Rick Feineis is an excellent tutor, too!

#5 AutoCAD 2015-2021: Refresher’s Crash Course Program by Innovooks Training


  • Promises to help you MASTER pro AutoCAD features ASAP
  • Covers work from 2015 all the way to 2021 – a backlog of skills
  • Preparation for any Autodesk AutoCAD certification exams


  • Requires a computer loaded with Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 or above

As the Ultimate Drawing Course, this program promises to teach you to create professional quality AutoCAD designs, both creating and enhancing existing skills from the fundamentals to the most advanced.

Uniquely designed by MR S. N. S. Roy, the head of Product Design with over fifty years of experience in developing aeronautical projects, you won’t find a course like this anywhere else, and that’s for certain.

If you need to quickly brush up on your skills for an upcoming exam, or you want to get to grips with the basics as quickly as possible, this course will help you efficiently run through everything you need to know at a slightly faster pace.

#6 AutoCAD Beginners Course – Zero to Hero Fast with AutoCAD by Michael Freeman


  • For those with no prior experience in AutoCAD – ideal for absolute beginners
  • Led by an industry expert with over 25 years of experience
  • Cuts out the unnecessary filler of some more expensive courses


  • Unsuitable for those running AutoCAD on Mac OS

Want to learn AutoCAD without wasting two years of your life, trawling through 500 plus pages of a textbook or taking a fifteen hour online course? You’re in luck, as Michael Freeman has just the cutthroat course for you.

Perfect for those just starting out in the world of AutoCAD, it’s designed to help you get up and running, without unnecessary definitions, long winded explanations or examples that utilize out of date commands.

Completely contemporary and developed on the back of more than 25 years of experience in Computer Aided Design, this is a course that takes half the time, costs half the money, but still teaches you all of the information you need to know.

#7 Complete Course in AutoCad 2020: 2D and 3D – For Architects, Engineers and Designers – by CADCIM Technologies


  • Proffers detailed explanations of AutoCAD commands and applications
  • Advanced, contemporary tools from more recent versions 
  • Special emphasis on industrial applications and usages


  • No captions provided – unsuitable for students who are hard of hearing

From the team at CADCIM Technologies comes a complete course in AutoCAD, up to date for 2020, with over 99,000 total students on Udemy – that’s one of the most popular courses available on the whole website!

Teaching you the principles and essential drafting skills to solve AutoCAD problems, as well as real-world applications of the drawings and tool functions in an industrial context, it’s excellent preparation for those in the field.

Boasting 202 video lectures, pedagogically organized to deliver the most efficient education, you’ll have step by step instructions to develop the skills necessary for passing the Autodesk Certified Professional exam when you’re done!

#8 Learning Autodesk AutoCAD – Crash Course by Andrew Schroeder


  • Enables beginners to get a grasp on powerful software in a short space of time
  • Instructor has more than 17 years AutoCAD experience, teaches at University of the Fraser Valley
  • Assignments and quizzes to consolidate your learning


  • From 2011, so good for basics but may not help those already equipped with skills

For a quick yet thorough roundup of all things AutoCAD for beginners, Andrew Schroeder’s course comes highly recommended; though it’s not quite an exhaustive tutorial, you definitely get a crash course in a speedy manner.

In just under three hours, you’ll go from the introduction all the way from drawing, layering and blocking to editing objects. Each concept has its own designated video, to ensure explanations are as coherent as possible.

Andrew enunciates well and speaks clearly, as well as providing plenty of context for the tools and techniques he teaches with assignments and quizzes at the end of each lecture. Perfect for beginners, it’s not for those with prior experience.

AutoCAD 2018-2021: Advanced Course for Professional Users by Gjoko Paskalovski


  • Enables existing users to gain a much more efficient method of drawing in AutoCAD
  • Short and sweet knowledge boost for 2D drawings, ideal for working professionals
  • This course is COMPLETELY FREE!


  • Requires a basic knowledge of AutoCAD to get started

Many of the courses we have discussed today require, at the very least, a signup fee, but for those who don’t have the budget, this is an absolutely free guide to improving your AutoCAD skills, from a skilled instructor.

Working professionals who are looking to upgrade and improve their skills, as well as develop their knowledge of more advanced topics, will benefit from the way this course focuses on content beyond the basics.

Although it’s only an hour and fifty minutes in total, the clear and concise lectures provided will not only teach you new and contemporary AutoCAD tools, but revitalize the way you use the older ones.

#10 Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide To AutoCAD by Ozgur Gargun


  • Adobe and Maxon Certified Instructor
  • From beginner to master, with 50% discount on official AutoCAD certification exam!
  • Downloadable lectures so you can study at your own pace


  • Focuses on older versions of AutoCAD, not as relevant as some newer courses

Taking you from absolute novice to designing your own AutoCAD drawings or editing existing ones, Gargun’s popular course covers all of the skills you need to really start tackling some serious Computer Aided Designs.

With over ten hours of comprehensive instructions – though the lectures themselves are short and snappy, there’s just plenty of them! – you’ll find there’s a lesson for everything, even one taking you through the official Autodesk Certified User Exam.

Plus, just by signing up for this course, you’ll net yourself a huge fifty percent off the price of said Autodesk exam, which makes studying up to take it all the more worthwhile. Stop putting it off and go for it!

How To Choose The Best AutoCAD Courses & Certifications

Deciding which course to take can be tricky. You should bear in mind…

Skill Level

Don’t get cocky – even if you think you’re advanced, these are difficult computer programs we’re talking about. Be honest with yourself about your actual ability level, and select a course accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and money!

Budget and Timeframe

Some courses are long and expensive, others short and just as pricey: be sure to choose one that you can afford, and that will actually fit around everything else you have going on at the moment. Why bite off more than you can chew?


Whilst a lot of courses are strictly for educational purposes, others guide you towards taking the AutoDesk Certified User exams; some even have their own certificates of authenticity. If you need proof that you’ve completed for employers, be sure to get it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get AutoCAD for free?

It’s definitely possible to get a free thirty day trial via the Autodesk website to try before you buy, but the whole program is pretty expensive at over a thousand dollars a year. It’s possible, however, to get it on finance if you need a payment plan.

Moreover, they also offer a free year of educational access to Autodesk software for students and educators, so be sure to take advantage if you’re eligible for that through your school or college!

How long does it take to learn AutoCAD?

That honestly depends on the course you choose, your personal learning style and your commitment to the course! Some have hours and hours of content, where others are quicker and to the point. The more you put in, the easier and quicker it will be!

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