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6 Best Magic Online Courses

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Our Top Pick

Penn and Teller’s Teach The Art Of Magic

In our humble opinion, the best course available right now is Penn and Teller’s Teach The Art Of Magic. Learn all of the secrets, tips and tricks, straight from the source: two of the world’s greatest magicians, with their own star on the Hollywood walk of fame!

  • Cost: $180 for an annual membership – unlimited access to all classes
  • Length: 2h 53m total –  17 lessons, 10 minutes
  • Platform: Masterclass.com – on demand videos, 24/7 availability

Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of energy that, without permission, can encase our every action.

Dorothy Morrison

Whether you’re dying to be the next David Blaine or Criss Angel, or perhaps you’re more interested in simple sleight of hand than death defying stunts, there are some seriously amazing courses available online.

Budding magicians need look no further, as we’ve assembled a list of the most amazing courses available right now. The best part is, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to learn, as they are all accessible online, on demand.

Covering a range of price points, existing skill levels and subsections of magic, there’s sure to be a class or two that stand out to you. Have a look at our quick list below and see for yourself, or scroll down for a more thorough review.

In the event that you still have a question or two, consult our friendly set of Frequently Asked Questions right at the end. We’ve searched high and low for the most common queries from your fellow sorcerers – hopefully yours is among them.

The Best Online Magic Courses (According To Us)

  1. Pen and Teller: Teach The Art of Magic (MasterClass)
  2. Elite Card Technique – Beginner’s Card Magic (Kenny Molotov, Udemy)
  3. 3M: The Miracle Man Method Magic Training (Aaron Fisher, Miracle Magic Training)
  4. The Magical Experience: Learn how to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic (Tim Domsky, SkillShare)
  5. Card Magic – The Complete Course for Beginners (Max Durdant-Hollamby, Udemy)
  6. Ellusionist: Instant Tutorials – Magic to Download and Learn Instantly (Ellusionist.com)

A Deep Dive Into Our Top Picks

1. Pen and Teller: Teach The Art of Magic (MasterClass)


  • Over forty years of experience performing magic from worldwide, Hollywood famous magicians – the real best of the best
  • Learn not just impressive magic, but the fundamental psychology behind them
  • 17 video lessons available 24/7 on demand


  • Have to subscribe to MasterClass as a whole in order to complete this course

Having performed together for over 40 years, including as the world’s longest running Las Vegas headline act, Penn and Teller are easily two of the most famous magicians, and they have a huge wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

Covering plenty of tips and tricks, from sleight of hand and illusions to misdirection and coin magic, there’s something for any budding magic practitioner here. Each lesson is available to watch all day every day, as many times as you’d like.

Not only will you learn some genuinely sensational magic tricks, but you’ll also get to know the real inside scoop. Boasting hundreds of trade secrets and industry know-how, Penn and Teller reveal what really goes on behind the curtain!

You can even download every lesson and access it offline whenever you like, as well as the PDF workbook provided as standard with every MasterClass subscription. It’s not just a video to watch, but a genuinely interactive course.

Plus, if you do subscribe to MasterClass, you also get access to more than a hundred of their other classes and categories. There are so many to choose from that it makes the annual subscription fee feel incredibly worth it!

2. Elite Card Technique – Beginner’s Card Magic (Kenny Molotov, Udemy)


  • Only requires a deck of cards to get started
  • Instructor with more than 15 years of experience 
  • Tricks, sleights, flourishes and cuts – the whole package


  • Last updated in 2016, may be somewhat outdated

Looking to master the art of sleight of hand card tricks? Elite Card Technique is the course for you! With over ten jaw dropping tricks from master magicians to learn, first you’ll go through all of the basics necessary – this is absolutely a beginner’s class.

Lectures are concise and short enough to do a couple per day, with the overall course lasting for 3 hours and 11 minutes in total. There are 43 lectures to cover overall, so it’s a very thorough and impressive syllabus.

Customer reviews indicate that explanations are clear, with plenty of visuals at several angles to go alongside verbal instructions. Almost two decades of experience means that Kenny Molotov is an excellent, inspirational tutor!

All you need to get started is your very own deck of cards and that’s it! For such an affordable price, this course is definitely worth investing in if you’re looking to start from scratch and build up a unique bank of skills.

As well as all of those impressive tricks, you’ll also go through the basics of holding, shuffling and controlling the cards, so don’t worry if you aren’t very dexterous yet. All of that will come with time!

3. 3M: The Miracle Man Method Magic Training (Aaron Fisher, Miracle Magic Training)


  • Over 30 hours of core video training
  • 24/7 members only online support group – questions answered day or night!
  • Lifetime access to the material and member’s only content, including any future upgrades and bonuses


  • Restricted to a certain number of members – act fast to score a place on their 2021 course!

Packing over thirty hours of core video training, the Miracle Man Method (or 3M) lead by Aaron Fisher boasts absolutely everything you need to become the master of close up magic as soon as humanly possible.

Not only do you have access to all of the learning materials, but you can also access 30 Core Alpha Class Effects, 19 Stacked Master Routines and even six live coaching calls with Aaron himself to keep you motivated and on the right track!

You’ll also be able to see existing pre-recorded Q and A sessions featuring previous instructors from 3M course past – many of the queries you might have will already have been answered, speeding up that learning process exponentially!

Thanks to their zero risk, 60 day “Free Look” policy, you’re able to try out this course without any worries or stress – either have the time of your life and enjoy every second or get your money back, it’s that easy.

This is a course that’s suitable for any skill level – whether you’ve been in the magical community for a while or are brand new to the scene, Aaron’s training has something to broaden your horizons. He promises astounding results in just six weeks!

4. The Magical Experience: Learn How to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic (Tim Domsky, SkillShare)


  • Perfect for those new to the world of magic
  • Lead by a tutor with over a decade of experience
  • Graded projects to check your progress 


  • Only 38 minutes long – short and sweet, but not as detailed as other courses out there

The ideal beginner’s magic class, Tim Domsky’s The Magical Experience is run by an instructor with over a decade of magical practice, ready to teach you armfuls of skills in just 19 individual lessons. Whether you’re 8 or 80, you’ll have huge fun!

Though there are only 38 minutes of taught video content in total, each one is clearly presented and available to download for revision whenever you want. Those after a shorter, less intense course might prefer the brevity of these lessons.

By the end of this class, you should be able to perform, at the very least, five mind bending and wildly impressive sleight of hand tricks to surprise and amaze your friends and family. Once completed you’ll be able to put on your own magic show!

Reviews indicate that each lesson is clear and well presented, with an engaging teacher who provides consistent and actionable steps to follow. Picking up each part of the trick is easy and effective thanks to his interactive teaching style.

You don’t require any existing knowledge to participate and everything required for the tricks taught can easily be found around the home. Plus, class projects allow you to upload videos of your tricks for real time feedback from Tim Domsky on your work.

5. Card Magic – The Complete Course for Beginners (Max Durdant-Hollamby, Udemy)


  • Recently updated with all-new content to explore
  • Learn more than 20 sleight of hand tricks
  • Inspired by real performances from TV’s David Blaine


  • Not suited to those with experience – there are some more advanced techniques to learn but these are not the primary focus

For access to more than 12 professional level routines and 20+ sleight of hand tricks that will make your parties a roaring success, check out this complete course of card magic from Max Durdant-Hollamby. It’s got absolutely everything you need to know!

Shot in crystal clear HD from a variety of camera angles, over 40 concise and easy to watch videos present each lesson in a simple, slow, methodical way, so you can follow alongside his tuition with your own pack of cards at home.

Not only are you getting access to more than four hours of content, helping you to practice and perform like a professional (as well as deal with hecklers!) you can also get personal, 1-1 email support from Max whenever needed, should you need help.

Go from absolute beginner to a competent performer within a matter of weeks – even if you’ve never tried card magic before, after a few hours of tuition the reviews indicate you’ll be ready to rub shoulders with magic professionals!

All lectures are separated into distinct sections, divided by difficulty level. You’ll also find extra material, tips and advice and a whole lot more. It really is the complete package, so the fact it’s a little pricier than other courses shouldn’t put you off.

6. Ellusionist: Instant Tutorials – Magic to Download and Learn Instantly  (Ellusionist.com)


  • Choose your own tricks to learn 
  • Variety of prices and topics to browse including a 3 dollar discount downloads section
  • Filter by price, difficulty level, bestsellers, featured and age of clips to access exactly what you’re looking for


  • Not a structured course, per se – more of a Build Your Own Course

As a renowned global hub for magic practitioners, Ellusionist.com has got hundreds of instructional videos, at a range of lengths and covering all kinds of different magical topics. Though not strictly a course, you can essentially build your own!

A humungous archive of downloadable classes allows you to shop around through a vast range of downloadable or streamable video tutorials: if you want to learn specific tricks or magic gimmicks, this is certainly the place to look.

Having been purchased by over a million customers worldwide, there’s no doubting that the twelve masterful individuals behind the site are really providing some of the best magic learning experiences possible, no matter your skill level.

Though there might be a huge sea of content to search through, you can filter every single video according to price, difficulty level, time uploaded and popularity, as well as search for specific tricks, allowing you a really personalized experience.

You can access all of the Full HD, beautifully filmed clips and guides whenever you like, watching on demand at any time, from any device. Instantly unlock an array of magical secrets from some true geniuses, from the comfort of your couch.

How to Choose the Best Online Magic Course (Informational Guide)

Age/Skill Level Required

Perhaps this sounds obvious, but make sure you select a course that matches up with your existing magic abilities. If you’re a total beginner, choose one suitable for those brand new to magic, otherwise you’ll be totally in over your head.

Similarly, if you have some experience in practicing magic, you’ll want to pick a course designed to suit intermediate or more advanced magicians, depending on the amount you’ve already learned already.

Reading the course outline should give you a good indication of what you’ll already  need to know (if anything), and websites like SkillShare and Udemy tend to list their courses by suitability which is also useful.

Length of Course

Are you looking to make yourself disappear by the end of the week, or do you have more time to dedicate to honing your craft? Depending on your existing skills and the amount of free time you have in your personal life, you’ll need an appropriate course.

The entire length of the course is most important, as this tells you how long it should take to complete it. Some are only a couple of hours long, whilst others could last you for months or even years. Be sure to choose carefully!

That being said, the length of each lesson or magic session individually is also worth considering: some people will be much more able to fit in a quick ten minutes here and there, as opposed to the hour that some instructors prefer for their classes.

Type of Magic

Is close up magic your thing, or are you more interested in mastering a deck of cards? Perhaps you’re hoping to saw an attractive assistant in half? Either way, every single course is different and will offer a different set of skills to learn.

Once again, this is where the course description really matters, as it should tell you immediately whether it’s the right thing for you. Most instructors will upload the full syllabus or course content for you to have a look at before you commit to learning.


Depending on which service you opt for, it’s going to cost you significantly different amounts of money. An interactive course with world-famous instructors, say, will have a considerably higher price point than someone who isn’t well known.

Similarly, those who have actual accolades/certifications/awards to back up their expertise are likely to charge more for their time and work than those who simply practice magic for a hobby. If you go cheap, chances are the content will be too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn magic?

That really, really depends on you personally, as well as the methods you choose to learn by! According to the Reddit magic thread, it is a lifelong process that requires continuous practice to maintain, rather than something you can literally ‘master’.

The type of magic you’re looking to study also impacts on how long it takes to learn – some tricks are a lot simpler than others. Your own willingness to learn and put in the effort is the biggest determining factor, though, so grit your teeth and study hard!

What is the easiest magic trick?

Again, the answer to this question will always be determined by who you ask! However, here is a video of ten very simple magic tricks from youtube magician EvanEraTV you’ll be able to do at home to help you in getting started out.

Is magic hard to learn?

Sorry to keep sounding like a stuck record, but it depends! On several things: what kind of magic you want to learn, how committed you are to learning it, the regularity that you practice, the quality of your chosen teacher or course…

The more you put in, the better it will pay off, especially if you start with a really good course from a well reviewed instructor. The biggest enemy of motivation is boredom, so pick a course that other customers would recommend or suggest is enjoyable!

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