Coursera vs Udemy - Online Course How

Coursera vs Udemy

You’re keen to learn something new, but you want to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Maybe an online learning platform would suit you.

There are many to choose from – Coursera and Udemy are two of the most popular.

In this review, I’ll compare these two platforms to help you decide if either one is right for you.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers both free and paid versions.

Instructors offer diverse quizzes, video lectures and assignments to their learners to improve their skills.

On this platform, it is possible for students to ask questions from experts and instructors on specific topics.

Through Coursera, you can learn anything from a single topic through to a full degree.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform, offering a wide range of technical and creative courses.

The Udemy online learning platform is available for those who want to learn a new skill at a basic level.

There’s no guarantee that instructors are well-trained as anyone can offer a Udemy course.

However, there are reviews of Udemy courses that will guide you to the right instructor.

How Do Coursera and Udemy Compare to Each Other?

About the Course

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  • Course Content – If you are after a course in maths, business, and science, then Coursera will be the best for you. With Udemy you can learn about fitness, technology, business, art, music, entrepreneurship, language, and more.
  • Course Duration – The duration of courses on Coursera is anything a few weeks to a few months, with a full degree programme taking several years to complete. Courses on Udemy are designed to fit into a video. They range from a few minutes to hours.
  • Course Topics – Currently, there are more than 1600 courses on Coursera and more than 22 million students from different parts of the world are accessing them. These courses are available in eight different teaching languages. In contrast, Udemy has up to 42,000 courses with up to 14 million active students accessing them. Courses on Udemy can be accessed in 48 different languages.
  • Course Difficulty – The courses offered on Coursera are mostly in the form of programming assignments, video lectures, and quizzes; they are easy to understand for both beginners and experts. Udemy teaches through video lectures. Most of the courses are designed to be useful for beginners.

About the Price

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Coursera offers free access to its quality content. However, if you want to gain a certificate for your skill or learning development, then you must opt for a paid course.

The price depends on the type of programme you take – it varies between $15 and $25000.

Udemy also offers both free and paid courses to learners that contain lectures in video format. Their prices are between $20 and $200.

About the Instructors

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Coursera’s instructors are drawn from over 145 universities throughout the world.

At Udemy, anyone with a skill can register as a course instructor in any particular field.


Once you are through with your paid course at Coursera, you will be issued a certificate based on your performance on the assignments, tests,and exams.

Udemy does not offer any certification for its courses.

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Udemy and Coursera are effective online learning platforms, which offer a wide variety of learning options to their students.

If you are looking for a large catalogue of affordable courses, then Udemy will be a great choice for you.

However, if you are looking for a degree or a certification from the best schools in the world, then Coursera is the best choice for you.