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datacamp vs codeacademy

Datacamp vs Codecademy: Who is the best for programming and coding?

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What are they, and which one is best to learn the latest digital technologies?

To decide which the best for programming and coding is, take a look at each platform’s fundamentals, the benefits they offer, and the learning methodology.

Since the days of cave wall paintings, people have always been intrigued by the prospect of gaining new knowledge and skills. You have observed the evolution of education through time and space to modern-day learning processes. It began with the abacus, scrolls, slates, and then advanced to classroom teaching methods using books. But that was not the end.

The Internet was born through the advent of an interconnected system of dense networks and devices.

As numerous stakeholders began utilizing online resources to increase public access to their goods and services, educational institutions realized an opportunity for instantaneous transfer of skills, knowledge, and ideas that is low cost and free from the constraints imposed by geography and time.

The digital sphere offers more flexibility to both trainers and learners. Advancements in the technological arena involving high-speed connectivity solutions have made it convenient for students to access the Internet using multiple means at any time and from anywhere on the globe.

There has never been a better time to learn to code or build up existing IT skills. Vast numbers of online courses and platforms for learning are available, ranging from free to somewhat expensive to out of budget.

Datacamp and Code academy are leaders in the data science arena. But which one is better suited for you? It would be best if you took a moment to consider which provider and course will bring you the most success.

Between, datacamp vs codecademy: Who is the best for coding and programming? In this guide, you will look at what each offers and associated costs to help you reach a more informed decision.

Key Takeaway

We recommend Datacamp for aspiring data scientists and Codecademy for general programming knowledge.

Best for Data Science

We highly recommend datacamp for aspiring data scientists. Datacamp's courses provide hands-on, real-world experience, with a particular focus on Python, R, and SQL.

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Best for Broad Coding Skills

Codecademy has a proven teaching system with a decade of positive reviews. We strongly recommend Codecademy for those seeking broad coding skills beyond data science, including web development, Javascript, and full-stack engineering.

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Datacamp and Code Academy Compared

What is datacamp?

datacamp login

Datacamp is an interactive learning platform that provides IT-related online courses. It was founded by three proprietors in 2013 and is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning a data-based technique using Python, R, and SQL.

Currently, Datacamp is available in more than 100 countries worldwide and has three offices— In New York City, London, and Leuven in Belgium.

It’s steadily gaining mainstream popularity among institutions, organizations, and various individuals as a proven tool to help make better data-driven decisions.

Who are the instructors?

At Datacamp, their mission is to provide an opportunity for people to learn data science, machine learning, or analytics. They have several instructors who provide expertly curated education via video classes and coding exercises and projects.

They have a unique program that enables freelancers with the appropriate tech skills to apply for positions as instructors on the site.

Before you become a trainer, you must display expertise in subject matters involving data science and analytics.

What is code academy?

what is codeacademy

It is another e-learning provider that endeavors to transform the traditional classroom teaching and learning methodology to accommodate modern-day students.

Code academy was established in 2011 in the United States by R. Bubinski and Z. Simms. Headquartered in New York City, they have had an impressive track record in the educational sector.

They implemented the 2015 unique program in conjunction with the White House to run a free consultation service clinic for disadvantaged women and other marginalized groups.

Codeacademy offers courses that have revolutionized education. They make learning to code, develop websites easy and enjoyable for learners with ranging skill sets and capabilities.

Who are the instructors?

In the bid to make data skills learning available to everyone, Code Academy has an established network of more than 30 expert instructors.

Interested applicants with viable IT skills are subjected to a rigorous shortlisting process to select the most qualified instructors.

Programming Languages and IT Courses They Offer


There are hundreds of programs for users of all levels at Datacamp, ranging from introductory to expert level.

DataCamp has major courses in:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistics

Their classes aim to provide a hands-on and interactive experience to help learners develop ample technological skills that they can use to solve real-life challenges. R-based courses feature more dominantly, but one can learn other major programming languages like Python and SQL. Sessions are between 1 – 5 hours long.

Code Academy

courses at codeacademy

Code Academy has numerous courses suitable for coders and programmers, including:

  • Data Science
  • Foundations of Code
  • Computer Science
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning

You can learn the fundamentals of various developer tools to help users write and run codes or publish programs. Classes at Code academy are taught using twelve major programming languages, but Python features more prominently in their coursework.


Both DataCamp and Code Academy have different fee structures, and here are their differences.


Personal plans

These pricing packages are aimed at individuals seeking to attain skills in data science or analytics. Currently, there are three tiers:

  • Premium plan ($33.25 per month)
  • Standard option ($ 12.42 monthly)
  • Free plan

Billing is on an annual basis. The free package has limited features. One can only access the first chapters of all courses, with few exercises and projects for practice.

The standard plan is an upgrade of the free account. Besides the essential services, you access more lessons, live code-along sessions, unlimited assessments and practice tasks, community chat, and mobile app classes.

The Premium is for learners who wish to access all features offered on DataCamp. Although it is almost twice the initial plan’s cost, one is entitled to priority support, making it all worthwhile.

Business plans

business plan

As mentioned earlier, individuals, companies, and businesses in all industrial sectors can benefit from Datacamp. They mainly use the educational portal to induce the necessary data skills in their teams, which improves overall productivity.

Datacamp’s business plan is aimed at employers looking to build data fluency in relevant departments. The coursework is available for all skill levels making it easier for your staff to learn in R, Python, Scala, SQL, Power BI, and more.

There are two packages available:

  • Professional business plan ($25.00 per month, billed annually)
  • Enterprise business plan ( fee charged per user or hours of learning)

The professional plan is ideally suited for small-sized businesses. It’s simple platform management for sizable teams.

The enterprise plan incorporates more functionality through additional content such as LMS integration and SSO (single sign-on). It’s suitable for larger companies looking for advanced integrations to run analytics.

The biggest perk of Datacamp’s business plans is that it enables organizations to measure, manage, analyze, and keep track of the ROI (return on investment) over time. There are also numerous assignments, analytics, and custom tracks.

Both the business professional and enterprise plans include billing that is unified for simplicity. Moreover, if you would like to grow your tech team after the course has begun, you can. If you own one of these plans, you can add more members as your subscription period is ongoing.

A downside is that there is a minimum team requirement. Datacamp cannot provide a business plan for groups of less than five people. They also only accept yearly payments —the monthly option is unavailable.

Classroom package

In the bid to empower students in educational institutions, Datacamp offers free access to educators to teach data science concepts and skills.

Students practice writing and running codes directly on the website, providing a practical, fun, and affordable learning experience. DataCamp for classrooms is free of charge to all.

Code Academy

There are three subscription plans: Basic, Pro, and Teams. The basic subscription plan is free, but a bit limited as only a few courses are available. You can still access all the content and tools to enhance learning. When one wants more functionality, they upgrade to Codeacademy Pro.

Code academy pro

codeacademy pro

The Pro version strives to teach you the concepts of coding and apply these skills in realistic scenarios.

It costs about 15 dollars each month to learn, practice, and apply job-specific skills. Billing is also done annually. If you are a college student, take advantage of fee-reduction discounts available under this package.

Code academy teams

Enterprises can use the Codeacademy Team plan for groups of not less than five participants. Prices vary depending on the number of people you wish to enroll. One requests for a personalized quote to get Codeacademy for their teams.

Teaching Methods


At DataCamp, all courses are accessed over the Internet. Students go through a four-step educational model to gain hands-on skills. At the end of each term, one can address whether they can apply the acquired knowledge to find solutions in different settings.

Code academy

Codeacademy utilizes text editor-based courses and other interactive content like articles, videos, and projects to provide fun-packed and interactive classes. Once you sign up, a test is opted to determine your skill level before appropriate courses are recommended.

Pros and Cons of Datacamp vs. Codeacademy



datacamp mobile app

The most significant benefit of datacamp is that the sessions build on each other, making their coursework an excellent alternative for beginning and intermediate students.

A free assessment is available for prospective learners to evaluate their skill level. After which a learning plan is customized per each student’s score.

Their learning model is a somewhat cyclic process: Learning, practice, application, and assessment. A learner can begin with an introductory course in coding and advance after completing the coursework. One can quickly transfer between programs.

At Datacamp, you will be taught by instructors who have been significant influencers in various tech fields. They utilize interactive content like quizzes and video tutorials to optimize the learning experience.

Moreover, they have enhanced convenience and accessibility. Members or prospective students only need a PC and a stable Internet connection to access their vast vault of educational resources. Plus, they have developed an app that encourages smartphone users to utilize their platform.


A significant downside is that one has to use only the coding tools offered on the site. You cannot use those from external sources when doing exercises or completing projects in Datacamp.

A couple of review sites state that several users report that sometimes the exercises can be somewhat vague. The impact is the inability to complete the class or a tendency to give up midway. You may apply a wrong solution to a problem only to realize your mistake way into the task— A waste of time and energy.

There are also growing claims that the desktop and app features work differently. One may access a particular component on their laptop, but the same service is unavailable or works erroneously. Learners who use smartphones and other mobile devices line iPads may become discouraged in the process.

Code Academy


codeacademy dashboard

Code academy is a well-known online education company. Its reputation spans far and wide.

Millions of people have signed up for boot camps in data science, code foundations, computer science, and web development. Even corporate giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Amazon have, and continue to, contribute learners.

They also have an in-built formula for sorting out students according to their specific skill level. One takes a quiz to determine the best learning alternative for their professional aspirations. It is a good alternative for novice learners with little or no experience in the coding world.

With a Pro package, you can receive a digital certificate that signifies the coursework’s successful completion. You can use this to prove your competency potential or existing employers.


Various users have indicated that Codeacademy’s user interface doesn’t support easy navigation.

They often encounter difficulties when trying to maneuver between lessons and tabs. It is also impossible to skip a class even though you may be conversant with the concepts.

Which One Is Better And Why?


Datacamp is notoriously filled with courses based on R technology. There are about 140 different R-centric programs from IT-related ones like data visualization to application classes in various fields like finance and human resource management.

 Therefore, based on their syllabi and reviews, Datacamp takes the trophy for R-specific topics. However, they also offer courses in a variety of programming languages like Python and SQL.

Code Academy

The courses are highly interactive with tons of exercises, quizzes, and projects. Users receive instantaneous feedback for completed tasks, which highlights areas that require improvement.

The skill-based curriculum utilizes multiple programming languages like SQL, Swift, C++, JavaScript, Python, and HTML. Therefore, if you want to learn more than one programming language, consider classes ordered by Code academy.

Factors To Consider When Picking An E-learning Provider

Your accessibility to resources

resources for online learning

More often than not, prospective students will overlook the importance of resources they will require to facilitate online learning.

Can you quickly access a PC or smartphone? What about Internet connectivity? Make sure all these are readily available to enhance kinesthetic learning.

Skills you want to gain

The skillset you aim to attain will help you decide the e-learning platform you choose. As mentioned above, the courses offered by datacamp vs codecademy vary to cater to different students.

Check out the programming and coding courses available on each portal, and go with the best-fit.

Mode of teaching and learning

When considering a course in programming or coding, you must align modern technology with the language of instruction. It would be a total waste to learn to code using century-old tools that are not applicable in the current market.

You need to be updated on the various programming languages utilized by programmers today. Opt for popular languages like Python and R.

People are also inclined towards a particular learning style. Some are drawn to visual content like infographics, others to auditory classes that they listen to. But the majority still believe in the traditional verbal method where they read the text posted on web pages.

For instance, CodeAcademy offers text editor-based courses suitable for such a candidate. Pick an e-learning provider who incorporates all of these elements in their curriculum to encourage participation.


Including your Code Academy or DataCamp course in the skills section of your resume may increase your chances of landing your dream job. Most employers will require some form of proof of completion.  


datacamp pricing

Run a comparison— datacamp vs codeacademy, which platform has courses that fit within your budget?

They each have varying fee structures that are paid monthly or yearly. Therefore, consider the cost of the classes you plan to take. Make sure you can afford the fees.

Go the extra mile and inquire from each provider about their pricing. Both have free features in their curriculum that you can take advantage of, but one may have to pay to access some specialized components.

Course time

Always consider the amount of time required to complete the course you wish to study and compare it to your availability. The program must allocate ample time for the successful completion of the classes.

Will you be available to perform all the required tasks? All classes are offered online; thus, make sure you can fit a few hours into your weekly schedule to learn.


Finally, evaluate their credibility to determine if you will get what you need. Check educational review sites and read student testimonials to learn about the platform before you settle.

An e-learning site is only as good as its reputation. Therefore, opt for highly-credible interactive educational platforms like Code academy and Datacamp.

Forums and Communities

slack channel community


On this platform, students can collaborate using the Slack community feature. Learners can access the forum to discuss current issues in data science and IT. People also connect to this forum to access several open source projects to practice.

Code Academy

Codeacademy also has forums that are open to users. One can practice their skills, source opportunities, and chat with other learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is DataCamp for Python?

DataCamp is an excellent platform for learning Python. It is utilized by beginners all over the globe. There are around 130 different Python courses to choose from. These are all interactive and easy to use. 

DataCamp for Python also allows you to apply the skills you have learnt to many contexts. These include  sports, history, finance, and marketing. 

The reason it is so valued by learners of Python is because it allows them to have some hands on experience. It does this by using a web based code editing software that allows you to practice and learn. 

It is catered toward analytics and data science, rather than programming in general. So, it is worth bearing this in mind if you are looking for something more general purpose.

It is a great place to start for anyone looking to learn the basics of Python and put that knowledge into practice. 

How much do DataCamp instructors make?

The answer to this is: it depends! DataCamp instructors’ salaries vary greatly. The reason for this is because it is based on the instructor and the course itself. 

By this we mean that for every subscriber that completes your course, an instructor can earn a royalty. 

If your course gets lots of subscribers, and as a result lots of completions, then you can guarantee a good salary. If your course doesn’t get as many subscribers, or completions then your salary will be lower. 

At the top end of the scale, some of the most popular DataCamp instructors can earn up to $150,000 every year! 

On average, you can expect monthly earnings to work out at around $1000-$2000. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this will be paid quarterly (four times a year). 

With this in mind, it is perhaps best to use DataCamp revenue as a supplement to your existing job role. This is especially important if you may also want a reliable flow of income coming in each month. 

Is DataCamp good for beginners?

Yes, we are happy to be able to tell you that DataCamp is indeed good for beginners. If you are a beginner in the world of Python looking to gain some experience in data science and analytics, then DataCamp is a great place to start. 

The reason for this is because they are super easy to follow. The courses are also well structured, and beginner friendly. They teach you the basics and give you ample time to practice what you have learnt in realistic settings. 

However, you may want to bear in mind that if you have a little bit of knowledge already you may find that DataCamp is too basic for your needs.

Final Word

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, teaching and learning have been disrupted in most parts of the world.

For people looking to develop skills in coding and programming, they can utilize online learning platforms. Depending on your preferences, opt for a credible provider like datacamp or codeacademy for an enjoyable learning experience.

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