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datacamp vs coursera

Datacamp vs Coursera: Do you want data science or credentials?

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Several online platforms give opportunities for anyone with a computer and internet to advance skills in different courses.

Datacamp and Coursera are the most popular platforms. Both platforms allow anyone to increase skills in various fields, especially STEM.

If you want to compare datacamp vs coursera, continue reading this guide to get more information.

Datacamp and Coursera Compared

datacamp and coursera compare

If you want to compare the datacamp and Coursera, there are some aspects that you need to put into account. These aspects include their definitions, courses offered, among other factors.

Datacamp provides projects in each course according to your subscription plan, while Coursera gives peer feedback, course assessments, and projects whenever you pay the features.

Coursera is usually a free course when it comes to accessing its services. On the other hand, datacamp will give you three subscription options if you want to use it.

What is Datacamp?

datacamp login

Datacamp is a website where you can learn various skills using a programming approach to improve data science and machine learning skills.

Did you know that data science and analytics shape every aspect of your life? Well, that is the case.

Datacamp is one of the best platforms that help you with the skills you need to operate with real-life data.

This course gives you three subscription alternatives and has a self-paced video to teach you.

Who are the instructors?

Datacamp has many experienced instructors specialized in various courses. Here, you will get to know about the fields in which they instruct. Some of the areas include:

  •  Introduction to Python, SQL, and R
  • Introduction to Data science
  • Data manipulation with pandas
  • Instructors of Intermediate R
  • Introduction to the Tidyverse
  • Pandas foundations

What is Coursera?

what is coursera

Coursera is typically an American online platform founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The platform provides massive open online courses, degrees, and certifications, to mention but a few.

To offer online courses and degrees in varied classes, Coursera works hand in hand with universities and other companies.

Who are the instructors?

When you enroll in Coursera website courses, you will come across various teachers, depending on your desired courses. There are instructors for international programs among other instructors.

Most of the instructors are successful academicians in their respective fields who will boost your skills. You don’t have to worry if the instructors are qualified. Besides, you can get information on the instructor on the datacamp page.

Connections to universities

Coursera was founded by a university professor who wanted to democratize education. The platform has stayed true to its initial goal and connected itself with several American universities to certifications on behalf of the universities.

Some of the American universities with partnerships with Coursera are Macquarie University, Arizona State University, the University of Yale University, the University of Colorado Boulder, Stanford, among many others. The platform also has a partnership with IBM to provide certifications from the tech giant.

What Programming Languages and IT Courses Do They Offer?


Datacamp offers several programming languages. Most of the computer languages offered is versatile, and work is necessary for data management.


python learning

Python is among the most popular computer languages, second only to Java on GitHub. It is a high-level programming language meaning it uses human-readable code. It can be a solo tool that combines several parts of the workflow.

Do you wish to create either a web app or a machine learning template? Well, Python is among the most robust languages that can handle any challenge thrown at it. That’s because Python is a general-purpose tool that can be used to code anything.

Strengths of learning Python

  • It is easy to read and learn as it’s a high level of language.
  • Python is an ideal language for creating an app since it can be used to make anything.
  • it  is a one-stop-shop when it comes to deployment and reproducibility
  • The language is widely used in building machine learning and AI apps.
  • It has several packages to specialized handles.


R is a popular statistical programming language. It was specifically designed to handle data for researchers and academicians. It has increased usage over this language has increased in recent times. R has an intuitive interface and the complete tools for statistical manipulations.

Strengths of R

  • It has a rich history in statistics and academic research; therefore, it has been improved to handle all statistical needs.
  • It has good data visualization and analytical tools.
  • It is the best choice for trailblazing statistics.
  • It has an extensive collection of packages developed by its user community.
  • The language supports the rapid prototyping of data-driven dashboards and apps.


sql courses

SQL is used in extracting data from relational databases such as Excel. Most of the world data is relational databases; therefore, Structured Query Language is useful in managing data.

Strengths of SQL

  • It is handy for institutions that store data in databases
  • It is a hot cake language for business applications.
  • SQL is suitable for accessing, querying, and extracting structured data.


Coursera platform introduces the primary concepts of programming languages. It puts more focus on functional programming. Do you want to know the languages used in this course? Continue reading.

Some of the languages applied are Racket, Rugby, and ML. The course uses these languages as tools for lecturing the concepts. However, their main goal is to let you know how any language fixes at a time. They also ensure that you perfect in any language while learning about the new ones.

The platform gives you chances to learn more different languages, which will help you think deeply. That is opposed to learning a solo language.


Data Camp

How much does it cost to have a datacamp certificate? That is the most commonly asked question on this website. Have you ever come across such a problem? If yes, then relax as you get to know the answer to that quiz.

Before you start the course, you are set for the journey if you buy a datacamp subscription. That is because you will have the permit to get all the datacamp content, and the most important of all is that you will get a statement of accomplishment.

If you finish the course you chose during subscription, you don’t have to add an extra fee to get the certificate. Once you are done and verified, you can go ahead and download your statement of accomplishment.


coursera validate certificate

If you need to perfect your career by learning online courses, don’t shy from getting in touch with the Coursera instructors through their website. They provide you with a wide range of accredited programs.

Upon the completion of the course, you will get a verified certificate and real degrees. Many employers typically recognize these certificates, and also they can be helpful in your career in one way or another.


If you wish to analyze the datacamp vs coursera pricing, check out their difference in their costs below.


When it comes to datacamp, their pricing technique varies. If you need the courses for personal plans or business plans, the cost is not the same. You can have a look at the pricing of the two categories below.

Personal plans

Under personal plans, their pricing method is divided into Free, standard, and premium. That is according to the services offered in each category.

The free course is typically given at nil cost since you are given trials to do. At the same time, the standard goes for $12.42 per month. The standard course is for those learners who wish to get the necessary knowledge and improve their data skills.

The premium service is for you if you desire to get all the projects offered by datacamp. The pricing for this service is usually around $33.25 per month.

Business plans

Business plans consist of professional and enterprise services, and each one of them charges differently.

The professional one costs up to $25 per month for every learner. But it has a limit of five users and is paid once a year. The course is ideal for a small team.

The enterprise comes with improved integration and is suitable for big companies. However, if you need this service, you can reach out to datacamp instructors to discuss the pricing since it is not displayed.


offered courses

On the Coursera website, you will get various courses offered by expert instructors. The good thing with this website is that you can get a free trial, which lasts for up to seven days.

That is a perfect chance that they need to utilize since not so many platforms give their learners such chances.

Coursera plus

Do you wish to pursue your career dream online? If yes, what are you waiting for! Grab your chance with the Coursera app, and you will be good to go.

Their course is very affordable with effective training programs. With only $39 per month, you are sure to be sorted.

You will be provided with certificates in a wide range of fields, courses, and online degrees. They ensure that you get what you deserve and much more.

Teaching Methods


The teaching technique used in Datacamp is very friendly to every beginner. That is because they teach using the model that makes a lot of sense to learners.

When you are taking your lessons in the Datacamp app, you save a lot of time while watching the teaching videos and coding time.


The courses at this platform are a series of video lectures. They also offer quizzes and exercises, reviewed assignments, and peer-graded assignments. The course takes about four to twelve weeks. Each week has one or two video lectures.

The good thing with the courses is that they are provided on-demand. That implies that you take your time to finish your course with the materials available at once.

Coursera offers over 6,200 online courses giving learners a choice on any field they would like. The good news is that there are numerous courses offered for free.

Forums and Communities


slack channel community

Instructors and the content team from datacamp receive a lot of feedback. However, due to the volume of feedback, they are unable to respond to each message.

They collect the data from learners and analyze it to give the best feedback. It means that if you have questions and suggestions, don’t use this forum if you expect a quick response.

But there is always a solution to every problem. In case you have any feedback about a particular datacamp course, you can share it by going to the course. Then, click on the provide feedback button on your computer screen’s top right corner.

You should note that all feedback given through this method is shared directly. That’s done by the course instructor and the datacamp content development team and not data camp support.

Some of the topics discussed on the forum are:

  • Correct code with varying syntax not accepted as the right answer
  • Any small glitches with the slides and videos
  • Feedback on the course teaching style like a topic not covered clearly or too much information on a single topic.


Coursera has a wonderful community forum where all learners from all over the world can ask a question. The learners are also given a chance to help each other out concerning the courses.

For you to get started, you have to create a Coursera account. From there, you would meet and get inspiration from other learners in the threads. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself once you join the learners. The forums discuss business, science, and computer science, among others.

Datacamp Pros and Cons

There are various pros and cons associated with datacamp. The benefits include:

  1. The course aims at interactive learning since it has different videos and engaging practices to be carried out.
  2. It uses very skilled and qualified professionals to help in teaching.
  3. There are very many options for beginners.
  4. They offer a free plan where you can access the first chapters of courses and evaluations.
  5. In the Datacamp platform, there is always something for everyone. You can choose the wide range of courses offered either as a beginner or a learner with some know-how.
  6. They have a very transparent pricing plan.

The drawback of using this platform is that they don’t have clear practices. They also limit you to using their website coding tool. Lastly, you can never predict if the app will operate the same way on your computer.

Coursera Pros and Cons

free trial classes on coursera

In a Coursera course, you will get many benefits from using it.  Coursera has been in the market for many years, and people still love it. Below are some of the pros that come with using Coursera:

  • It has various topics like R and Python.
  • The website has a well-framed curriculum from experts in great schools.
  • Coursera is very pocket-friendly, and it also has free options.

Cons of Using Coursera

  • Academics only teach the course, and you cannot find a current professional on this platform.
  • It is not easily translated into the market.

Is One Better For a Specific Language or Course?


Datacamp is one of the best websites that can help you learn a new language. If you are interested in knowing about Python or SQL, you can enroll in this course since it does best.

Datacamp gives you a chance to start learning specific languages such as Python for free. You will find it to be great when introducing new devices. They are so perfect for bringing back your confidence by using Python to work on data science.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning based on the Neural networks in the human brain. This is one of the most lucrative subjects you will perfect at Datacamp to improve your job prospects.

Datacamp offers SQL language. There are interactive topics on data science, machine learning, and statistics.


Coursera has partnered with several universities to provide you with the best tutors for the data science course. You can get certification for python computer language. There are practical steps to starting deep learning.

Anyone interested in artificial intelligence will be glad to take courses from Coursera. Machine learning studies the structure of computer algorithms that can learn. The precious Stanford University offers machine learning courses. 

If you want to study SQL for data science, then Coursera may not be your best bet. That is because the site deals with broad topics and not SQL, particularly.

Final Word

As you have read above, you should be careful if you want to analyze datacamp vs coursera. Depending on your need at hand, you need to choose the platform that fits you best.

For instance, datacamp is an excellent deal for you, but it is never sufficient to make you a full baked data scientist. Always choose wisely to avoid regrets in the future.

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