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How Often Does Udemy Have Sales? [2022] Latest Offers

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For many, Udemy provides a convenient and affordable way to learn new skills.

And often when you visit the Udemy site there seems to be some kind of offer or sale on.

Which leads many people to wonder how often does Udemy have sales?

Udemy has sales of one sort or another running every single day of the year. It runs seasonal campaigns like Black Friday and New Year, but it also has offers for new students available all the time.

In this article, I’ll take look at how often Udemy holds a sale, and show you an easy way to get that course you wanted at a discount at any time of the year.

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Udemy always has courses on sale! Check out the current offers now and get as much as 90% off!

How Often Does Udemy Have Sales?

Udemy’s sales usually offer a massive discount on the full price. It’s not uncommon to see a course offered at $199 full price reduced to just $10.

Regular students know that it is not worth buying a Udemy course at full price. Sooner or later the course you want to enroll in will be on sale.

I’ve taken courses on Udemy myself and received countless email campaigns throughout the year promoting different offers (see below for a list of when they run sales promotions around the year).

But some have even suggested that the courses are actually permanently on sale. Check out this comment on a Reddit thread about Udemy:

Udemy comment on Reddit

Whilst researching this further I also came across this comment, again on a Reddit thread:

Udemy comment on Reddit 2

They suggested that the sale offer is triggered when Udemy thinks you’re a new visitor to the site.

If you’re a returning visitor and you clear your browsers cookies or use an incognito tab the offer will show again.

Could this really be true?

I tested it out.

Udemy Homepage Viewed In My Normal Browser (No Offer Showing)

This is what I saw when I went to the Udemy homepage in my normal browser (where my cookies from a previous visit will have been stored)

Udemy Homepage Viewed In An Incognito Browser (Offer Showing):Udemy Homepage Viewed

So there you have it – if you want to get Udemy courses at discounted prices, just use an incognito or private browser tab!

(If you’re wondering what this is or how to do it, check out this tutorial for different browsers here.)

When Does Udemy Have Sales?

So, let’s say you’ve already taken a course on Udemy and used the trick above to get your first course at a discount.

Unless you use a different email address you won’t be able to get your next course on sale until they run their next regular seasonal promotion.

Here’s a list of the promotions they ran throughout the year:

  • January: New Years Promotions – sitewide discount on all courses
  • January: End of month 3-day flash sale
  • February: Valentines sale
  • March: Buy more, Save more (discounts for buying more than 1 course)
  • April: Own Your Education sale
  • May: Mother’s Day Sale
  • August: Back To School Sale
  • November: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale
  • December: ‘Nikolaus’ Christmas season sales

For each of these promotions, you could pick up almost all of the courses offered on Udemy for just $9.99 or $10.99.

When Is The Next Udemy Sale?

As we’ve seen in the article above, if:

  • you’re a new customer
  • or if you clear your browser cookies
  • or if you use an incognito browser tab

then the next Udemy sale is basically available to you now.

Just head on over to the site and find the course you want to learn from.

And if you’re an existing Udemy customer and can’t be bothered to mess around with your browser settings then just watch your email inbox for the next Udemy promotion. They happen almost every month of the year.

Udemy Black Friday Sale

Each year at the end of November, Udemy offers thousands of courses from just $9.99 in their popular Black Friday Sale

You don’t need a coupon, it is a site-wide promotion for all customerss, so just head over to and choose the course you want to learn from to take advantage of this offer.

udemy black friday sale

Why Does Udemy Always Have Sales?

Udemy’s popularity suggests that a lot of people are taking advantage of these sales – and why wouldn’t you?

But could there be the reasoning behind Udemy’s sales strategy?

Screenshot of Udemy homepage on Black Friday.

Here’s the Udemy pricing model in a nutshell: offer a wide range of online courses at low prices and have millions of students enroll vs offering courses with higher prices and fewer students.

When you think about the competition that Udemy faces from other top e-learning platforms, it seems they have carved out their niche in the space using sales as a key marketing strategy to get as many new students learning on their platform as possible.

The year round offer for new visitors to their site helps them achieve this, and then they follow up with regular promotions throughout the year to these existing customers to keep them coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Udemy have $10 sales?

Udemy offers these $10 sales roughly nine times a year! Basing this on previous sales throughout the years, the site tends to offer sales nine times a year, tying in with significant holidays and events throughout the year. 

You can expect these sales at the start of the year with New Year’s promotions, Valentine’s deals, Education month deals in the Spring, and end of the school-year sales.

You can also expect sales during the autumn when students typically return to education and around Black Friday and Christmas. 

During these sales, the course prices will be slashed to just a few dollars, allowing you to study the courses you want, without spending too much money.

No matter when you look on the site, you are guaranteed to find a sale, but the price of the course can vary depending on the type of sale Udemy is running. 

Does Udemy ever charge full price?

While you might see some Udemy courses running at full price, students will rarely pay full price for a course, giving the impression that they never charge full price!

Udemy regularly runs sales and promotional offers that allow students to grab a course at a reduced price. 

But there are times where you will click on the website, and the course will be full price. In these cases, it’s worth signing up for email notifications.

Doing so generates unique promotional codes or vouchers that allow you to pay less for courses. 

Browsing the site in incognito or private mode allows you to see the full-price courses and is often how students end up paying full price.

The cookies the site uses when you aren’t using incognito tracks your views, meaning the site knows when to offer sales and deals to attract customers. If you don’t view the site incognito, it will certainly look like there is always a sale!

Why are courses on Udemy so cheap?

Udemy courses are so cheap to try and attract new students. Seeing courses slashed from hundreds of dollars to just a few leaves, many thinking they are getting an incredible deal and will sign up.

The marketing strategy is successful, with many students signing up and enjoying these low prices. 

But you should be cautious when seeing these low prices. A lower price often means lower quality content, so you might not be getting the high-quality course you think you are getting.

Udemy also takes a large portion of the fee, meaning teachers are left making little money from their courses.

As a result, they might publish more that aren’t necessarily related to their field to cover the costs. 

What is the most expensive course on Udemy?

Udemy places a set price cap on their courses, meaning instructors or teachers cannot charge more than $200 for a course. You won’t see a course costing more than this advertised on Udemy’s website.

It ensures that the cost of education remains low so that you are always sure to grab a bargain.

While that might be the most expensive course, students will rarely pay that price. Udemy has frequent sales offering the courses at a reduced price, meaning you can grab a bargain.

There are even online codes that will give you a 90% saving on the site, meaning that although courses can be expensive, you will rarely pay the full price. 

As instructors set their prices, the cost of courses can vary. Still, the cap ensures that no one is paying an extortionate price to continue their professional development and learn new skills.

Be sure to check for sales, though, before you purchase a course on Udemy!


Screenshot of webpage showing Udemy courses on sale

How often does Udemy have sales? As we’ve seen, there are sales on Udemy every day of the year.

If you’re keen to try out Udemy for the first time you can get a course at a discount using the incognito browser trick mentioned above.

And if you’ve taken a course before, but want to learn some more with another course, then you can just wait for the next sales promotion to run.

With discounts being such a big part of Udemy’s sales strategy you’ll never have to wait long to find the right course for you at a bargain price.

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Highly Recommended

Udemy always has courses on sale! Check out the current offers now and get as much as 90% off!

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