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Top 10 Best Udemy Courses in 2022

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Udemy is the most popular e-learning platform, offering a wide range of courses.

Because anyone can create a course on Udemy, the length, depth and quality of courses can vary greatly.

However, with more than 20 million students using the platform it’s clear from their reviews that many of the courses offered are of a really high quality.

In this article we’ve sifted through the tens of thousands of courses on offer to highlight the top 10 best Udemy Courses out there.

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Top 10 Summary

Here’s a shortlist of the top 10 best Udemy courses based on a mixture of the number of students enrolled in them and the ratings they’ve received:

  1. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
  2. The Complete Digital Marketing Course
  3. Writing With Flair: Become an Exceptional Writer
  4. Branding You™: Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire!
  5. The Complete Presentation & Public Speaking/Speech Course
  6. Business Bootcamp: 7 Weeks to Start Your Own Business
  7. Graphic Design Bootcamp
  8. Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Advanced
  9. Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch
  10. The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom with Dividends

Further down in this article we dig into each of these in more detail to see what exactly they teach and why they are so popular, but first let’s take a moment to consider what the benefits of learning on Udemy are.

How Beneficial Are Udemy Courses and Certificates?

Many of the courses on Udemy are hosted by college professors and other leaders in their fields.

Therefore, even though you aren’t taking year-long classes, the information you have access to is still of great value.

The courses themselves are better structured and less general than what most college courses have to offer.

You still won’t be able to outclass a university graduate in your field, but you will be able to hold your own and compete for a job.

Udemy courses are great for honing very specific skills. Their certificates are nowhere near as valuable as an actual degree from a reputable university.

However, certain employers do appreciate when applicants have proof of study on certain techniques and necessary job skills.

Furthermore, freelance artists, programmers, and writers also benefit from these certificates.

Having certificates on the resume shows that one is not content with their current level of knowledge and performance. It shows the desire to constantly improve at the chosen trade.

And, last but not least, you get to learn new things or better understand things you are already familiar with at a fraction of the cost university tuition fees.

Top 10 Best Udemy Courses: An Overview

Let’s take a deeper look at the most popular Udemy courses and see what exactly they teach and what students like about them.

1) The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Screenshot of Udemy's web development course webpage

This Udemy course is well-structured and teaches you the basics of coding in various languages.

You can learn as you design 25 websites and mobile apps.

Udemy courses are designed for people from all over the world.

They transcend the boundaries of curricula and don’t waste your time or overload your memory with unnecessary information.

By taking this course, you will be able to understand how to build HTML mobile apps and how to manipulate databases.

Among the programming languages you’ll learn are:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • CSS
  • HTML

What does this mean for you as a freelancer?

You’ll be able to enrich your resume with job-specific skills that not a lot of graduates have.

You will also be able to show potential employers the projects you have worked on.

This course prepares students for jobs such as junior web developers.

It also prepares them to be front-end developers by providing all the necessary information and plenty of practical examples and applications.

The course is also one of the most highly rated on Udemy. So far, enrolled students number well over 188,000.

It has the potential to teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a junior web developer in just six weeks.

Of course, you’re not forced to learn that fast. You can take it at your own pace without paying extra.

For each programming language, there are tens of lectures. The course totals over 300 lectures and over 30 hours of video. The price is more than fair and you get lifetime access to the course.

Therefore, you are free to revisit certain chapters and explanations, as well as any future additions to the course.

Web development is a very nice field for anyone that wants financial independence or is just passionate about building websites.

Since this course takes you from the very basic to the very advanced, it’s one of the easiest ways for you to begin building your name in this niche.

2) The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Screenshot of Udemy's digital marketing course webpage

At least half of all bloggers these days think they have what it takes to succeed in digital marketing.

The concept and the terminology have been thrown around so much lately that they’re slowly losing their essence.

What most people believe about digital marketing today is perhaps not accurate.

If not, it is at least a very basic understanding of what it means and what it can do for a business.

The Complete Digital Marketing course has been taken by over 190,000 users on Udemy. It’s one of the platform’s best-sellers.

It teaches young entrepreneurs all about SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and everything they need to know about Google Analytics.

By learning these skills, you can either take matters into your own hands or apply for a position at a marketing company.

Yes, a Udemy certificate is not a degree, but the knowledge this course gives you can surely prepare you for any interview.

And, if you decide to become a freelancer, the possibilities are endless.

You can either create websites and run campaigns for others or you can start your own business.

If you ever wondered how you go about creating a successful affiliate business, this will give you the details.

Why spend thousands of dollars on buying ready-made websites when you can start with a much smaller investment and probably do it better?

Besides, after learning the intricacies of digital marketing, you don’t have to stop at one website.

You can create and manage more than one and try to conquer different consumer markets.

Once done with the course, you should be able to create a functioning and well-designed website in one hour.

The course provides you with well over 20 hours of video lessons and many quizzes and practical examples.

This should make assimilating the information a lot easier, especially for beginners.

3) Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Screenshot of Udemy's Writing With Flair course webpage

This course is perhaps one for which many should sign up.

Learning to create your own content is a very precious skill these days.

Digital marketing is all about content and humans are still responsible for creating it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that already successful writers wouldn’t benefit from taking Writing With Flair.

Whether you’re a corporate writer, a travel writer, a journalist, or a short story writer, there is something in there for everyone.

Writing With Flair addresses important skills that writers need to develop. It does this by not wasting time with grammatical factoids but rather emphasising the art of written speech.

The course takes you through many writing techniques.

It will explain the differences you have to keep in mind when writing a corporate press release as opposed to writing a detective novel in the third person.

Many good writers are specialised in or partial to just one style of writing; there’s nothing wrong with that. Be the best you can be in your area of expertise and you will flourish.

However, what if you could do better?

What if you don’t have to be restricted to certain projects?

There may come a time when you want to change your job or bid on other projects as a freelancer.

It doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan at the very least.

The nuances of writing are not the only things you’ll learn.

Many writers have difficulties figuring out their target audience. This course will teach you how to expertly analyse and research for the given topics.

This should let you know exactly who you are addressing so that you can adapt your writing accordingly.

Of course, advertisers may find this course a bit too broad.

After all, the basics of creating enticing ads are plastered all over the web, but it still wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion on the subject from an expert writer.

Most of the principles explained in this course are rather simple.

But don’t think for a second that the course is easy. Some of the exercises involve hard-to-digest articles that may be filled with technical terminology.

That being said, finishing the course and acing the tests will surely give you a real sense of accomplishment.

There are only about three hours of video lessons.

Almost everything else is explained in text, as it probably should if writing is the topic of discussion.

The man behind this course is a former professional editor at the Wall Street Journal.

But don’t worry. The courses cover more than news and financial articles.

4) Branding You™: Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire!

Screenshot of Udemy Branding You course webpage

This course hasn’t seen many updates in recent history. However, it still holds amazing ratings.

Besides, if a course is laid out well and doesn’t need improvement, why bother adding anything just for the sake of it?

Branding You™ focuses on teaching Udemy students the intricacies of multimedia and online success.

It takes them from the basics of finding the right niche all the way to making use of multiple online platforms to promote their brand and sell their products.

It also teaches existing entrepreneurs how to connect all their current platforms under one roof and develop a trusted brand.

This course covers the five pillars of the ecosystem. Among them, you’ll find references to Kindle, Podcast, Udemy, and various email providers.

Why is Udemy on the list?

Well, if you ever wanted to learn how to earn money from Udemy instead of buying courses on the platform, Branding You™ gives you the opportunity.

The target audience for this course is quite vast.

Authors, life coaches, fitness instructors, web developers, pretty much anyone who can package a product and sell it online on multiple platforms can benefit from this course.

The course deals in concepts and decision-making as well as explaining the functions of certain marketing platforms, perhaps overlooked at times.

The language is not too technical which is why a marketing degree or knowledge is not required to start the course.

The course is not too long either. There are four hours of video lessons, a few downloadable resources, and plenty of easy-to-follow text.

Everything is structured and categorised accordingly too, so you never feel like you’re learning two things at once.

With the lifetime access, this course may serve as a guide even well after you’ve completed it.

Certain explanations of personal branding may come in handy after you start gaining some online success.

In a short period of time, you should know everything you need to know about the importance of blogs, websites, email lists, social media branding, e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, and online courses, and how to bring all of them together to generate more revenue.

And in case you can’t tell already, all of these represent passive revenue streams.

If your goal is to manage a small empire without doing a lot of work, this course gives you the tools to build it from scratch.

It takes a bit of commitment, but once you can spread yourself over multiple platforms and link your products together under one brand, your revenue may easily take off.

You just have to pick a good niche and have valuable information to offer.

As far as how you should present it, Branding You™ fills you in on what you need to know.

5) The Complete Presentation & Public Speaking/Speech Course

Screenshot of Udemy's public speaking webpage

Here’s another best-selling Udemy course.

In the world of digital marketing, you may think that there is little reason to learn about or incorporate public speaking into your repertoire.

However, as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, if you want to earn big you have to target not just the right audience but also a wide audience.

There’s still plenty of room for people with presentation and public speaking skills.

A well-spoken spokesperson can easily draw and maintain the attention of an audience.

At the least, the presentation aspect of the course is essential if you want to promote your brand via multiple platforms.

What if you want to make a presentational video?

What if you want to create an online course and give video lessons?

Learning the proper body language and speech patterns can only help you keep your students engaged.

If you want to sell a product online, are social media and well-placed ads enough these days?

No – and that’s because everyone is doing the same thing more or less.

Being able to accurately showcase your product can give you a clear edge.

As for the technical side of things, this course also takes you through the basics of PowerPoint, Keynote, and similar programmes.

This is an optional feature but well worth taking advantage of.

The course also offers 16 hours of video tutorials, over 30 articles, and more than 300 downloadable resources that help you create speeches and presentations.

You also have many resources dedicated to preparing you for public speaking.

Nothing is purely digital. Even Mark Zuckerberg makes public appearances to promote his brand.

If you want to build a large company, you’ll end up having to talk to your board members and shareholders.

This course can help you prepare for those situations and help you become a master wordsmith.

Presentations are just as much about confidence as they are about information and explanations.

The course has been designed to help students overcome potential mental blocks, stage fright, and insecurity.

Over 25 presentation guides are provided which should prepare you for almost any situation you might encounter.

In addition to learning how to promote a brand or product, this course should also help you become confident in job interviews.

If you can wow a live audience with your knowledge and speech, you can certainly handle any job interviewers.

Although the course has just 16 hours of video lessons and guides, it may take you a lot longer to finish it entirely.

That’s because all the downloadable resources come with plenty of references of their own in the form of other online resources and practical examples.

6) Business Bootcamp: 7 Weeks to Start Your Own Business

Screenshot of Udemy's Business Bootcamp course webpage

This is another Udemy course that prepares budding entrepreneurs on how to start a business from the ground up.

Unlike other similar courses, Business Bootcamp teaches students about the digital and real-life aspects of starting and operating a business.

For example, very few courses take you through the intricacies of dealing with taxes, expenses, and other financial issues.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience in managing a business to get the most out of this course.

However, if you already have a business idea, it might just help you get it off the ground in record time.

So, what are some of the concepts explained?

Business Bootcamp is a crash course in acknowledging your area of expertise.

It also helps with finding your clients, determining your target audience, and scaling your business.

The course allows you to gain expertise on all those key business aspects, but it doesn’t stop there.

In seven weeks, you’ll also learn how to create an online presence and widen your reach.

As you can see, the course covers everything from startup to management and scaling.

There are also a few chapters that deal with competition.

You will learn to identify your competitors and stay ahead, when to advertise aggressively, when to back down, and how to gain enough information to achieve all that.

This course is addressed to a wide audience.

It can benefit unhappy employees who want financial freedom.

It can also benefit anyone who’s just starting out and has no intention of getting a desk job.

Due to the comprehensive lessons, the course should also prove to be most promising to those that have experienced setbacks in business ventures.

There are many individuals who have started a business or two and failed.

They don’t try again because they think they know everything already.

They would deduce that their idea or concept was not feasible.

If you’re like that and you haven’t learned anything from past mistakes then Business Bootcamp might put things in perspective for you.

The author of the course does state that you are not guaranteed to finish the course and end up with a six-figure business idea.

However, you will know what it takes to build a six-figure business if you have the resources, skills, and time.

7) Graphic Design Bootcamp

Screenshot of Udemy's graphic design course webpage

The Graphic Design Bootcamp is an online course that takes you from a novice to a capable designer in both print and web projects.

It also sets you up for climbing the corporate ladder or striking out on your own as a creative freelance graphic designer or business owner.

The course also touches on less technical aspects.

It contains lessons on how to deal with clients, how to trust your instincts, and how to become more confident in your abilities and knowledge.

However, unlike other courses on this list, Graphic Design Bootcamp comes with some specific requirements.

Not so much in skill, but with respect to specific programmes.

If you plan on taking this course, you will need access to the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. The operating system is irrelevant.

The good news is that you don’t need to be proficient in these apps before starting the course.

The course doesn’t give you all the tips and tricks the apps have to offer.

It acts more like a guide on how to use them, how to discover their hidden secrets, and how to use your creativity to create something that others would pay good money for, whether they are edited photos or your own creations.

As long as you have a desire to learn, you can take this course and open up new business and career opportunities.

There are over 15 hours of video tutorials which you can access any time.

There are nine downloadable resources and many assignments that test your knowledge and give you much-needed practice.

What’s interesting about this course is that while you’re learning the three staples of graphic design, you’ll also gain the necessary knowledge to use Sketch, Pixelmator, and similar software.

Employers can make use of a group deal to train certain staff members in a new skill set like graphic design.

Needless to say, after wrapping up the course, the student must still spend a good deal of time on their own practising and discovering more advanced features.

8) Microsoft Excel – Excel From Beginner to Advanced

Microsoft Excel is one of those programmes that everyone thinks they know but they really don’t.

While it’s by no means the most efficient software of its kind, it is by far the most popular.

The bread and butter of this course is the extensive video archive.

The 17.5 hours of on-demand video covers everything there is to know about Excel features, settings, and projects.

You also have access to two articles and  37 downloadable resources which you can use to test and hone your skills on a variety of projects.

But what if you already feel comfortable with your knowledge of Microsoft Excel?

Can you still benefit from this course? The answer is yes.

This course teaches you how to master some of Excel’s most popular and highly sought after functions (SUM, VLOOKUP, IF, AVERAGE, INDEX/MATCH and more).

By the end of the course you’ll be an expert in managing large sets of data, creating effective spreadhseets, creating dynamic reports with Excel PivotTables and automating tasks using Macros and VBA.

Along with project templates and tests, you can also work on every Excel project shown in the videos. This makes the learning experience more immersive.

Every video has a quiz at the end so working alongside the videos is quite important.

The lifetime access, of course, grants you the ability to return to any subject at any point in time.

Even though the course teaches you everything, chances are that you won’t be using all of that knowledge right away.

Whenever you forget some of the programme’s secrets, you can become reacquainted with the information easily.

Though the information is extensive, if you have some prior knowledge of the programme, you should be able to master it in around six hours, not counting the time spent on assignments.

9) Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch

Screenshot of Udemy's Shopify dropshipping course webpage

This is one of the most comprehensive dropshipping courses you’ll find on Udemy.

There are over nine hours of lessons and step-by-step tutorials on how to start a business and turn it into a thriving revenue stream.

There are many topics covered in this course.

You will learn about Google Analytics, social media integration, lead generation, email marketing, and boosting traffic for your Shopify store.

You will also find resources on designing and implementing graphics and understanding the basics of branding.

Many of the lessons prove useful even if you don’t target Shopify specifically.

For example, how to get a business email address and how to conduct proper product research or theme research.

Of course, the main emphasis remains specific to Shopify.

You’ll learn all about CSS edits, using Shopify’s shipment tracking, customer updates and linking social media accounts.

Some prior knowledge of marketing may be useful to assimilate this new information faster.

The course is comprehensive but it is also filled with enough technical information that may confuse most beginners.

By enrolling, you also get access to a closed Facebook Group. This allows you to talk about the issues you encounter with others, including the creator of the course.

With the lifetime access, you can develop and maintain fruitful relationships with the group members.

10) The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom with Dividends

Screenshot of Udemy's Financial Freedom course webpage

What are dividends? Simply put, they are a sum of money paid annually or quarterly to shareholders of a public company, usually set at a percentage of the stock price (multiplied by the number of stocks owned).

The amount is subject to change depending on how well the company is doing, but board members of the most respected companies usually wouldn’t dream of cutting dividends.

So, what does this course offer?

This course promotes and teaches financial freedom.

Surely, there’s more to it than just taking a class, even an expert-level class, but it’s as good a place as any to start.

This course is designed to be easy to follow yet comprehensive enough to teach you everything you need to know about trading and investing.

There are only three hours of video and four detailed articles to expand your knowledge with.

However, there are many lectures that you will have to follow.

No technical knowledge or paid software is needed.

The author also addresses potential investors from around the world.

The system explained in this course applies to any type of stocks.

However, don’t imagine you’ll learn to become the next Gordon Gekko either.

If you want to spend one or two hours a day monitoring a list of your favoured stocks, learn when to take action, and how to overcome procrastination, this is a solid course. 

The fact that you can always revisit the lectures and videos also helps prevent you from making mistakes with your portfolio.

Although the platform also teaches you the fundamentals of trading, it does not emphasise taking risks or making big bets.

It offers an understanding of passive income through smart long-term investments – as a general rule, only the safest stocks pay dividends.

And what better way to attract students than to point out that one of the richest men in history – John D. Rockefeller – made his fortune from dividends?

Final Thoughts

Hands tapping on a laptop keyboard

Who should take an online course? Just about anyone that wants to get better at something.

This is not to say that online courses on Udemy can replace a master’s degree.

What Udemy has to offer are interesting and, most importantly, cheap alternatives for those wishing to better themselves at their trade.

Freelancers perhaps benefit the most, with the chance to learn the skills they need for their craft without having to attend formal education in a college or university.

Udemy certifications allow them to add more projects and qualifications on their resumes and portfolios, and learn the exact skills that their clients need from them.

Not all Udemy courses are cheap but the platform offers a host of sales and discounts throughout the year.

Not all Udemy courses are made to the same quality either. Because anyone can make a course on Udemy, the standard of teaching and experience of the teacher can be quite varied.

This article presents a selection from some of the most popular Udemy courses with the highest ratings and the largest number of students who have enrolled on them.

Perhaps one of these course appeals to you and what you want to learn, but if not head over to Udemy and have a look around – with more than 80,000 courses on offer there’s sure to be a course for whatever it is you want to learn too.

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