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7 Real Life Kajabi Course Examples [2022]

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Kajabi is a versatile all-in-one platform that can be used to sell all kinds of digital products, including online courses.

Maybe you’re thinking about using Kajabi to start selling some courses of your own.

So today I thought I would go over some examples of real-life courses that people are creating and selling using the Kajabi platform.

Why Use Kajabi?

Kajabi — The All-In-One Online Business Platform

Kajabi is a powerful platform that provides you with everything that you need to sell online courses, and run a business online in general.

It has everything you need to host a website, take payments, track your results, do email marketing, create sales funnels, build a community, automate your business, and more.

It’s also one of the few platforms that lets you sell a variety of different products, instead of specializing in just online courses.

You can sell everything from memberships to ebooks. Basically any digital product is supported.

Here I review all Kajabi Pricing Plans features you get with each, as well as what limitations you should be aware of.

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Kajabi is our favorite all-round platform for creating & selling beautiful online courses.

It is the most complete course creation platform on the market.

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6 Kajabi Course Examples

Below are some examples of people who are sharing their passion through online courses that they’ve created on Kajabi.

I tried to pick a wide variety of different niches to show you that just about anyone can use Kajabi to create an online course.

You may be amazed at just how different the look and feel of all of these course pages are, even though they were all created using Kajabi.

1. Abstract Painting Academy

Abstract Painting Academy


David M. Kessler is a contemporary abstract painter and nationally-recognized art educator.

After teaching workshops in person for many years, he decided to take his knowledge online. Now he teaches online courses on how to create abstract paintings.

By using Kajabi, David is able to deliver his course material. As well as worksheet downloads, a supply list, video demonstrations, a PDF copy of his book, and more.

Abstract Painting Academy is a perfect example that following your passion can also be a profitable business.

Many people have their own hobbies or interests that they could turn into online courses, but they may worry there isn’t a market for courses that don’t deliver a financial return.

It’s pretty clear that David has proven that isn’t the case, since his course retails for a one-time payment of $397 or 2 monthly payments of $199.

People are definitely willing to pay for quality course material, even if it’s just to teach them how to paint.

2. Earn That Body

Earn That Body


Kim Eagle is an award-winning online coach with a BA in Biology/Pre-Med and a Master’s degree in Science (Eastern Medicine.) She’s spent years helping people improve their nutrition and lifestyle.

She created Earn That Body in 2009 as a way to start doing all of her nutritional coaching and personal training online.

Today her website offers 7 nutritional programs, 3 athlete programs, as well as a bunch of workout programs and fitness challenges. These include everything from $15 ebooks, $200 video courses, and even private nutrition consultations.

One thing that I love about online courses is that it empowers people to take knowledge they already have and turn it into their own business.

It’s the difference between working at a gym as a personal trainer for a modest salary, or having your own line of online courses and a six-figure business.

With platforms like Kajabi, it’s easier and more accessible today than ever before.

3. Sancri Healing

Sancri Healing Training


Sandra Gijsbers lives in the Netherlands where she has helped her clients to be more themselves and live happier lives for over 10 years.

Even though her website is entirely in Dutch, I thought it was a good example to show a different way that someone is using Kajabi to market their products.

Sancri Healing offers various free personal development information and ebooks as a way to generate leads and build her email list.

When people sign up, they receive tons of free value in the form of ebooks, videos, emails, and PDF files. And then afterward, they receive promotions for some of her paid products.

Sandra offers paid products ranging from basic courses in realizing goals or self-healing which are €30 for a 30 day program, all the way up to a Reiki teacher course where individual lessons can cost €300 each.

She even promotes seminars and week-long training which she charges thousands of Euros for.

4. ICY Productions

ICY Productions


ICY Productions is made up of founder Irene Clair Pavico and co-creator Cherie Y. Tsukayama.

On their website, they currently offer two courses.

The first is a free mini-course made up of a downloadable PDF with links to recommended equipment, plus a step-by-step quick video tutorial.

The gear list is a creative way to help people find what they need to start off filming while using affiliate links.

And the overall goal of the course is to get people who sign up onto an email list and promote their paid product, called THE iPhone Film School.

THE iPhone Film School helps empower anyone to make great-looking video using just their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

This course costs $49.97 and walks students through everything they need to become an amateur video editor. The course includes 7 lessons, 5 bonus videos, and a FAQ section.

Plus they offer the ability to ask the instructors specific questions with things you may be struggling with.

5. Jane Cavanagh Flute School

Jane Cavanagh Flute School


If you’re a music teacher, traditionally you would be limited to only instructing students who live geographically close to you. Usually within the city or nearby.

But now thanks to the internet, even things like music lessons can be taught to someone anywhere else in the world.

That massively opens up the market when it comes to who could be your customer, and creates a lot more income potential for you.

Jane Cavanagh has taken her experience of more than 22 years playing the flute and has done exactly that. Using Kajabi, she offers a variety of courses on different flute techniques.

She offers dozens of free video mini-lessons that demonstrate her experience and show how even tiny tweaks to your flute technique can have a huge difference.

Jane’s site has multiple free offerings where she invites visitors to enter their email address. These free offerings work as part of her sales funnel to gently lead people toward her flagship product, The Flute Academy.

This is her 30 day, interactive, video-based program which costs $790 USD and only opens up 4 times per year in January, April, July, and October. Kajabi’s flexible payment options also allow her to offer a payment plan, which is 10 monthly payments of $79.

That definitely makes the price tag sound a bit more manageable.

6. The Relationship Protocol

The Relationship Protocol


The Relationship Protocol is a website created by Debra Roberts to help people form more fulfilling relationships and more confidence in communicating with one another.

For more than 20 years, she has been assisting people in having better conversations.

One of Debra’s offerings is her book, titled The Relationship Protocol: How to Talk, Defuse and Build Healthier Relationships. She links to it on Amazon from her Kajabi site, where it’s available both an ebook or paperback.

But her main offering is the Right Your Relationship program, which sells for $2,000 USD or two monthly payments of $1,100. It’s a 10-week online workshop that teaches the tools necessary to confidently communicate your feelings, wants, needs, and thoughts.

Its goal is to allow people to have more fulfilling professional and personal relationships.

Debra’s Kajabi-based site also has pages where you can inquire about her speaking and consulting services too.

Use Kajabi To Create Your Own Course

In this article I’ve shared six unique examples of people who use Kajabi to create and sell their online courses, as well as other products. 

Despite being in all different industries and having very distinct products to offer, Kajabi has helped all of them to create a successful online business.

So why not check out Kajabi and see how it can help you to start selling your own online course today?

If you’re wanting to see what other options are out there for selling your online course, then check out my list of the Best Kajabi Alternatives or read my comparison articles:

Our Top Pick

Kajabi is our favorite all-round platform for creating & selling beautiful online courses.

It is the most complete course creation platform on the market.

Test it out and see for yourself with a free trial:

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