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Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi Pricing Plans [2022]

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Kajabi brands itself as the all-in-one business platform. While most of its features are available at any pricing level, there are some distinct differences to be aware of.

What are Kajabi’s pricing plans? Kajabi offers a Basic plan for $119 per month, a Growth plan for $159 per month, and a Pro plan for $319 per month. Most features are included in all of these plans, with the main limitation being how many products and members you’re allowed to have.

In this article, I’ll discuss the three different plans that Kajabi has available. I’ll go over which features you get with each, as well as what limitations you should be aware of.

What Features Do All Kajabi Plans Have In Common?

Kajabi — The All-In-One Online Business Platform

On a lot of online course platforms, some of the most powerful features that they offer can be hidden behind higher pricing plans.

Kajabi’s pricing doesn’t quite work that way. Even on their lowest plan, you get access to almost all of the features.

The plans are more a way to limit how many products, pipelines, landing pages, marketing emails, active members, and contacts you’re allowed to make use of at any given time.

The main appeal of Kajabi for me is that it’s able to replace a lot of the other tools that you may currently use in your business. Since it’s an all-in-one platform, you need a lot less integration.

So I’m happy with the fact that they don’t prevent you from using some of the features if you’re on their lowest plan.

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Products You Can Offer

Regardless of what pricing plan you’re using, you’ll be able to offer any digital product that you wish. That includes online courses, memberships, ebooks, and more.

You get access to all of the pricing and packaging options on all Kajabi plans too.

1. Hosting

Kajabi hosts every part of your business all in one place. You can put all of your videos, images, and other content on the platform without having to worry about storage or bandwidth limits.

And it entirely replaces your need for other platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

2. Payments

Kajabi has its own built-in payment processing that integrates seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe. And you never pay any transaction fees to Kajabi, no matter what pricing plan you’re on.

3. Analytics

Some platforms actually limit the full extent of analytics and reporting that you get access to.

Why wouldn’t they want to provide you with all of the information that you need for your business to succeed?

All Kajabi plans provide you with real-time information and reports about your business. So you can see how your customers are interacting with your business, and get forecasting to make decisions about the future.

4. Emails

All Kajabi plans provide you with the email management tools that you’ll need to completely replace other tools like MailChimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit.

You get access to a visual builder that lets you easily make professional and captivating messages that integrate countdown timers, video, and more.

Kajabi’s first two pricing plans offer unlimited marketing emails, while the top plan limits you to 2,000,000 marketing emails per month.

5. Page and Course Building

Kajabi page design dashboard

None of the Kajabi plans put limits on how you can design your pages. You get access to all of the themes and customization options, even on the least expensive plan.

So you’ll always have an almost unlimited number of design options to pick from.

Kajabi has extensive funnel and sales page building tools built right in. So you can also do away with other tools you might currently need like Leadpages, Clickfunnels, or Instapage.

All Kajabi plans allow you to build an unlimited number of landing pages.

Kajabi’s Basic Plan

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi’s Basic plan costs $119 per month, assuming you are paying annually to take advantage of a 20% discount, which is pretty much the industry standard.

Compared to some other platforms like Thinkific or Teachable, this can seem really expensive for the lowest tier of their pricing options.

But considering all of the features that I mentioned above which you get access to, I think it’s a bargain.

Kajabi Dashboard

For that price you can basically run your entire online business from your Kajabi dashboard. You’ll also likely be able to cancel your subscriptions to a bunch of other tools that you currently use which you won’t need any more.

Like I mentioned earlier, Kajabi’s pricing plans are more about limiting how much of something you’re able to do, instead of what you’re able to do.

On this Basic plan, you’re only allowed to have up to 3 products and pipelines. If you’re just getting started, this might be all that you need.

But as your business grows this might become restrictive if you’re planning to put out a bunch of different course material.

The other limit is that you’re only able to have 1,000 active contacts and 10,000 total contacts. An active member is defined by Kajabi as any user that has logged into their account and registered activity in the past 30 days.

By the time that you hit either of those caps, you’ll likely be already earning a full-time income from your online products, and upgrading to the next level won’t be a big deal.

The last limitation on the Basic plan is that you’re limited to only having one website and one admin user.

That’s probably not a huge deal if you’re on this plan, as it’s mostly designed for individual entrepreneurs who are still fairly early in their journey of selling online courses.

Kajabi’s Growth Plan

Kajabi products

The Growth plan costs $159 per month. It provides you with everything that the Basic plan offers, plus it increases most of your limitations, as well as adding a few extra features.

The big additions that the Growth plan brings is 24/7 chat support, advanced automations, the ability to remove Kajabi branding from your website, and an affiliate program.

Of those, the affiliate program is the biggest upgrade in my opinion. It will really allow you to use affiliates to drive extra traffic and sales of your course.

On the Growth plan you’re allowed to have up to 15 products and pipelines instead of just 3.

You’re also upgraded to being allowed 10,000 active members and 25,000 total contacts.

You’re still limited to 1 website, but you can now have up to 10 admin users on this plan.

That’s a nice addition if you have other instructors or virtual assistants that you want to have access to the back-end to help you create courses or run your business.

Kajabi’s Pro Plan

Kajabi Pro Plan code editor

The Pro plan costs $319 per month. Aside from increasing your limits on the things we’ve discussed previously, the only extra thing that this plan adds is a code editor.

But this can be a nice option if you want to really customize your pages using HTML or CSS.

On this plan, you’re allowed to have up to 100 different products and pipelines. That should be enough to handle all but the largest online educational businesses.

The Pro plan does introduce a limit on your marketing emails. You’re only allowed to send 2,000,000 of them per month. But again, for most online course businesses, that should be more than enough.

Considering that’s more than the population of Latvia!


Kajabi is a powerful all-in-one platform. It’s not just great for selling online courses, but for any of your digital products.

You can also use it for email management and list building, funnel and sales page building, hosting, analytics, payment processing, and more.

So you may be able to eliminate the need for many third-party integrations that you currently rely on.

All of Kajabi’s plans include most of their core features. On the Basic plan you’ll only miss out on the affiliate program, advanced automations, and the ability to remove Kajabi branding.

If you want these features, it might be worth paying an extra $40 per month.

Otherwise, I would recommend starting off on the Basic plan since you still get access to the majority of Kajabi’s great features.

If you’re still unsure if Kajabi is the right online course platform for you then read my guide to the 7 best Kajabi alternatives or my ultimate guide to the best online course platforms.

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