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Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels

Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels Compared [2022]

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Kajabi and Clickfunnels are premium platforms that will cost you at least $97 per month. But are their features worth the price of admission, and which one comes out on top?

Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels, which is better? Clickfunnels has a strong focus on creating sales funnels, landing pages, and other tools to optimize your sales. Kajabi is an all-in-one tool that helps you create courses, handle email marketing, track your progress, and get paid all in one place.

In this article, I’ll compare Kajabi and Clickfunnels and let you know what each platform has to offer. I’ll compare both options based on price, features, and other criteria.

Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels Compared

Kajabi — The All-In-One Online Business Platform

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that’s designed to allow you to run your entire online business from one dashboard. You can access your products, website, community, and marketing all from one place.

Since everything is built-in, it works better than connecting a bunch of different apps and dealing with potential technical and compatibility issues.

screenshoot of ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is different than most other platforms that I review and compare here. Unlike most others like Thinkific or Teachable, it doesn’t have a focus or priority on creating courses.

Like the name suggests, Clickfunnels is all about creating sales funnels and driving as many people as possible to buy your product.

Through the use of landing pages, sales pages, and upsell pages, you eventually lead people to buying your product and delivering it in a membership area.

It has a more broad application and can be used to sell both physical and digital products.


Kajabi and Clickfunnels are both premium platforms with prices on the high range compared to some other online course platforms. Each one offers three different plans that you can choose from.

Kajabi Plans

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi offers a $119 per month Basic plan, a $159 per month Growth plan, and a $319 per month Pro plan.

On the basic plan, you’re limited to only being able to sell 3 products and have 3 pipelines. However, you get an unlimited number of landing pages, and can send an unlimited number of marketing emails.

Unlike some other platforms, you’re also limited to having 10,000 total contacts and 1,000 active members. You can take advantage of ready-to-use templates, quizzes and surveys, and automations.

The Growth plan enables to you have up to 15 products and 15 pipelines. Plus increases your contacts to a maximum of 25,000 and your active members to 10,000.

You can also have up to 10 admin users instead of just one.

The Growth plan also gives you access to advanced automations, an affiliate program, and the ability to remove Kajabi branding from your pages.

The Pro plan gives you everything that the other two plans offer.

Plus you can have up to 100 products and 100 pipelines, 2 million marketing emails per month, 100,000 contacts, and 20,000 active members. You can also have up to 3 websites and 25 admin users.

All of Kajabi’s plans charge 0% transaction fees on your sales.

Clickfunnels Plans

Clickfunnels Plans

Clickfunnels offers their standard $97 per month plan which is just called “Clickfunnels”, their $297 Clickfunnels Platinum, and a $1,497 per month Clickfunnels Collective.

The basic plan is naturally the most limited. It allows you to create up to 20 funnels, and 100 pages in total. You can have up to 1 user, 3 payment gateways, and 3 domains.

You also get basic chat support and access to a forum and training courses.

The Platinum plan lets you have an unlimited number of funnels and pages. Plus you can have 3 users, 9 payment gateways, and 9 domains.

It also allows you to use follow-up funnels to connect with your audience even after they leave your funnel, which isn’t an option on the basic plan. You also get access to priority chat support.

As well as something called the “weekly peer review hackathons” where a coach guides you step by step through the process of building your funnel from start to finish.

The Collective plan also lets you create unlimited funnels and pages. Plus it bumps the numbers up to a maximum of 10 users, 27 payment gateways, and 27 domains.

You can also take advantage of VIP phone support and additional hours of training and courses.


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. If you’re selling digital products, it has basically everything that you could need to run your business, all in one convenient dashboard.

The main focus of Clickfunnels is on creating sales funnels and selling, as opposed to the end product. While it allows you to create membership sites and courses, it’s not the focus of the platform.

Kajabi Features

Kajabi online course platform screenshoot

Kajabi has everything you need to sell digital products, all in one place. I know that paying $119 or $159 per month may seem like a lot compared to platforms like Thinkific which offer free or $39 per month plans.

But for the price of Kajabi, you’ll likely not need any other apps or services to run your business ever again, because it’s all included.

With Kajabi, you can make courses, digital products, and subscriptions or membership sites.

Everything is fully customizable including pricing, packaging, and delivery. Or you can get started with one of their one-click templates.

The platform handles the website aspect of running your business, so you won’t need to worry about using WordPress, Squarespace, or other platforms.

kajabi integrates

Kajabi seamlessly integrates with PayPal and Stripe so you can get paid instantly. You can take one-time payments, one-click upsells, recurring payments, and even trial payment plans.

To keep you informed, Kajabi provides powerful real-time analytics. You can view all kinds of different reports to track your student’s progress through your courses, see how customers are engaging with your pages, and more.

Kajabi Marketing

You won’t need services like ConvertKit, MailChimp, or Aweber since Kajabi has its own built-in email marketing service.

The visual email builder lets you easily create beautiful email messages that can include automation, countdown timers, integrated video, and more to really connect with your audience.

Everything you need to manage and grow your email list is all in one spot.

Building pages and campaigns are easy with Kajabi. All you need to do is pick a theme to start, and then there’s tons of flexibility in terms of customization.

Kajabi online course platform screenshoot

As soon as you hit publish, your page is fully integrated with the rest of your business.

Kajabi offers you everything you need to automate, optimize, and scale your business. You can create personal experiences with custom automation triggers and other features.

I’d argue that it’s just as good at creating sales funnels as Clickfunnels is.

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels Features

If you’ve been in the world of selling digital products for very long, you’ve most likely heard of Clickfunnels by now.

A large number of internet entrepreneurs use the platform to promote and sell their courses and digital downloads.

Naturally, Clickfunnels has a lot of hype and a bit of a cult-like following behind it. It’s almost like a badge of honor for some digital marketers to say that they use Clickfunnels.

But I’m not sure that Clickfunnels necessarily lives up to the hype. It’s very good, perhaps the best, at one thing. Creating sales funnels. It does that job very well.

But when you get into making courses and other things using Clickfunnels, things get a bit more complicated.

I would go as far as to say that it doesn’t deliver the amount of value and features that I’d expect for $100 per month.

Maybe a few years ago it was ahead of the curve. But now there are all-in-one platforms like Kajabi that allow you to create sales funnels and so much more.

For me, Clickfunnels puts so much emphasis on selling and marketing systems, that they never seem to ask or care if you actually have a product that’s worth selling at the end of it all.

So what features does Clickfunnels actually have? It has a simple drag and drop webpage editor.

Clickfunnels webpage editor

It allows you to quickly and easily build sequences of landing pages, sales pages that are proven to convert. It also has a smart shopping cart with 1 click upsells.

Clickfunnels also claims to have email and Facebook marketing automation. Although I don’t see any evidence that they actually have built-in email marketing tools.

There’s simply no mention of how it works on their website. So I suspect this simply means that it integrates with email providers like MailChimp, Aweber, and others.

Although I could be wrong, and they may have this feature but simply don’t list it as a main selling point.

At the end of your sales funnel, Clickfunnels allows you to make a membership area to actually deliver your product.

Clickfunnels email

This could be a membership site where people pay you a recurring subscription, or a one-time payment for an online course or ebook.

In terms of a course builder, don’t expect anything as feature-rich or customizable as what Kajabi offers.

The one thing Clickfunnels has going for it is that you can use it to sell physical products, whereas Kajabi is limited to solely digital items.

As you can probably guess, my main problem with Clickfunnels is that I feel like it’s really lacking in features for the price.

On top of paying $97 or more each month for Clickfunnels, you’re likely going to need to pay for an email marketing platform, a more dedicated online course platform, and more.

Plus overall, the Clickfunnels homepage just gives me that cheesy “internet marketer” vibe which kind of turns me away. I think this message at the bottom of the Clickfunnels website sums it up perfectly:

“Yes, This Page Was Built Using ClickFunnels. Unlike Our Competitors, We drink our own Kool-Aid.”

Types of Products You Can Offer

Both Kajabi and Clickfunnels will enable you to sell a wide range of different products.

Kajabi can help you to sell basically anything digital. You can offer full online courses, subscriptions to membership areas and communities, and a wide range of digital products and downloads like ebooks and more.

Plus Kajabi makes it easy to actually create, upload, and present your course material.


Clickfunnels similarly will allow you to sell pretty much anything digital. It has the additional advantage that you can also use the platform to sell physical products.

However, it offers much less support in terms of actually building the end-product at the end of your sales funnel, whether that’s a course or something else.

Clickfunnels offers a fairly good builder for membership areas, but lacks a bit when it comes to creating full-scale courses.

Ease of Use

Kajabi Pagebuilder

Kajabi makes it easy to do pretty much anything that you need in your business.

Whether you’re creating your online course or sales pages, everything starts with professional-looking templates and an easy-to-use page builder.

Kajabi is more of a content delivery system, whereas Clickfunnels is more focused on selling. You can choose from templates like creating a mini course, online course, or online training.

Or you can start your own curriculum from scratch.

In terms of building your website, Kajabi allows you to add premade sections to your website. Like a testimonials section, a bar with an opt-in form, pricing section, or entire sales pages.

You can also add countdown timers, text, video, and other rich elements.

clickfunnels page builder

Clickfunnels has a drag and drop page editor that makes it a breeze to create high-converting sales pages, landing pages, upsells, and anything else that you need to sell your products.

But in terms of using Clickfunnels tools to create online courses and other products with the platform, you may find it difficult or even frustrating at times.

Customer Service and Community

ClickFunnels support

The support and customer service that you receive from Clickfunnels will depend on what tier plan you choose.

At the highest level, you get access to VIP phone support which will get you a personal response to any of your questions right away. But you’re also paying $1,500 per month for that privilege.

At the other end, if you’re paying $97 per month for the basic Clickfunnels plan, you get chat support to answer any technical questions or issues about funnel building.

Although it’s not clear what kind of response time to expect from this. Especially since people on the mid-tier plan get priority support, so you may end up at the end of the queue.

Clickfunnels does give you access to their “Funnel Hacker Forum,” which is a community of other people just like you that are also building their own sales funnels and selling their own products.

So there are some very knowledgable and experienced people there that you can bounce ideas off of.

Kajabi offers chat support as their main form of customer service. On the basic plan it looks like you can only use chat support during business hours.

While the other two plans provide you with access to 24/7 chat support. It would be nice to have telephone support available like Clickfunnels.

But realistically, I find that I only ever contact a given platform’s support staff maybe 2 or 3 times when first setting up, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever need to talk to them again unless something goes wrong later on.

Kajabi Community

Kajabi has a vibrant community that’s full of expert influencers and entrepreneurs just like you. It’s a great place to get answers, share your excitement, or offer support to other people.

Personally I do find the Kajabi community a little bit more friendly and welcoming than the Clickfunnels one.

Both Kajabi and Clickfunnels offer courses and training included with their plans. Kajabi University has hours of detailed training videos to help you master the platform’s tools and grow your business.

Clickfunnels offers a lot more in terms of training and courses through their Funnel Flix.

Unlike Kajabi, the videos here are aimed more at marketing, personal development, and other topics in general.

As opposed to just tutorials on how to use the platform. You can learn about peak performance, business strategy, copywriting, and other topics.

There is actually a ton of information here from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs.

Funnel Flix even includes recordings of live training events that would have cost thousands of dollars to attend in person.

So it may even be worth signing up for a few months of Clickfunnels Platinum just to binge watch some of the videos that are available.

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Kajabi and Clickfunnels are different from a lot of platforms that I review here, which are focused more on enabling you to sell online courses.

In the case of Kajabi, it allows you to sell basically any digital product that you could want. Plus it provides you with built-in email marketing, analytics, and all of the other tools that you’ll need to run your business.

While Clickfunnels allows you to sell online courses, memberships, and even physical products, its real focus is on creating sales funnels.

It’s a fantastic tool for creating landing pages and sales pages, and upselling customers when they go to check out.

But its tools seem to be a bit lacking when it comes to actually creating online courses or other material that you want to sell.

I have no doubts that at one point, Clickfunnels was one of the best platforms online for selling. But nowadays, other platforms like Kajabi include everything that Clickfunnels can do and more.

And Clickfunnels gives the impression that it’s fallen behind the times a bit in terms of what it offers.

So unless you’re focused specifically on optimizing your sales or selling physical products, I would recommend Kajabi over Clickfunnels in most cases.

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