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Podia Pricing Plans

Podia Pricing Plans [2022]

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Podia has one of the most simplified pricing plans of any online course platform today. But I think it’s still worth exploring to make sure you pick the one that’s the best choice for you.

What are Podia’s pricing plans? Podia offers a Mover plan for $39 per month and a Shaker plan for $79 per month. The cheaper plan includes online courses, webinars, email marketing, and more. While the more expensive plan adds memberships, affiliate marketing, and other features as well.

In this article, I’ll explain what you can expect to get included with both of Podia’s plans.

Podia’s Mover Plan – $39 per month

Podia Pricing

This plan is ideal for creators who are just launching their first online course or digital product.

It’s an affordable option that includes everything you need to start selling online as your audience is just starting to grow.

You get the features of 5+ tools in one package, so you don’t have to worry about the hassles that comes with trying to integrate a bunch of different platforms and apps together.

Your Own Storefront

Podia Storefront

Podia provides you with a digital storefront that will act as your base of operations.

You can use it as your website, to host all of your courses and downloads, to deal with email marketing, and to handle all of your payments in one place.

You can read my in-depth Podia review to have a good idea if Podia is the right course platform for you.


You can use the platform to host webinars. Either for free to build your email list, or paid to add an extra source of income and level of interaction to your business.

Your webinars can either be delivered live, scheduled in advance, or played as replays.

Email Marketing

Podia Email

Podia helps you to build and grow your email list, as well as nurture the relationship that you’ve built with your followers so far.

You can send newsletters or one-time updates to either your entire list or specific targeted segments of your customers.

You’re also able to create email drip campaigns to use as part of your sales funnel to keep subscribers engaged.

Podia also lets you analyze how your emails are performing by tracking useful metrics like open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates on each email that you send out.

No Extra Fees or Limits

Podia dashboard screenshoot

When you have a subscription with Podia, you pay the same flat plan amount each month. There are zero transaction fees on any of your sales.

So it doesn’t matter if you earn $10 in a month or $10,000. It’s your money, and you get to keep all of it.

Podia also offers “unlimited everything.” So you never pay extra because you’ve hit an arbitrary cap on your number of products, emails sent, sales, files hosted, customers, bandwidth used, or things that some other platforms will try to nickel-and-dime you for.

So even as your business starts to substantially grow, you can be assured that Podia won’t start charging you for additional resources that you’re using.


Podia’s creator-friendly customer support

Podia offers support seven days a week. And they offer support through live chat, video, or email. It doesn’t matter which of their plans you’re on, you get the same level of service and support.

So if you’ve got an urgent question or technical issue that you need answered right away, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to get through within just a couple of minutes.

Some other platforms only do support through tickets or email, and may only reply during weekdays and business hours.

But business doesn’t stop in the evening or weekends, so you can feel confident that Podia will be ready to answer your questions any time.

Free Migrations

If you’re already hosting your course content or digital products on another platform, Podia will help you migrate everything over for free when you sign up for any annual plan.

So just point them to where the files are, and let someone else handle the move. That way you can focus on creating great course content and running your business instead.


Podia Messaging

Podia features a unique built-in tool that lets you chat with your customers in realtime.

You can use this live chat to help sell more products and memberships, reach out to customers in a way that’s convenient for them, and capture customer feedback and questions even while you’re not at your computer.

You can also use it to validate products and see what your customers actually think, rather than waiting until your product is launched to see how it will be received.

Podia’s Shaker Plan – $79 per month

The Shaker plan includes everything that you would receive on the Mover plan.

So you get the ability to sell online courses and digital downloads, do webinars, engage in email marketing and live chat, all with no limitations or transaction fees.

But there’s more!


Podia Membership

This plan also includes the ability to offer memberships to your customers. This can be a fantastic way to get some recurring revenue every month or year, instead of just making one-time sales.

You can even create free memberships to start generating leads for when you eventually launch your big course or premium membership.

You can create as many different membership plans as you want. All with their own unique price points, content, and perks.

You can publish member-only posts, and decide which plans will get to see what content. This actually makes Podia a great alternative to some crowdsourcing platforms like Patreon.

So if you want to have monthly supporters paying a specific amount and give them something back for it, Podia’s memberships are one way to consider doing it.

Members can comment on your content and updates.

Or to create even more engagement, you can connect your Podia memberships with your Facebook group or Slack channel and add even more value to what you’re offering.

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On the Shaker plan you can also have a blog. This can either be a public blog that anyone can see, so you can share content with all of your followers and attract new customers.

Or you can make it private for only specific groups of members, and use it to share articles, ask questions, post updates, and more.

Offsite Buy Buttons

You can embed buy buttons for any of your digital products hosted on Podia onto any other website, landing page, or blog on the internet.

It’s a really optimized way to get customers to buy your products without even having to leave the page that they’re on.

Affiliate Marketing

Podia Affiliate Marketing

There’s probably only so much marketing you can afford or have time to do in a day by yourself.

So you can use Podia to build yourself a sales team using their affiliate marketing program.

You can give your affiliates unique codes to use in promoting your course. And you get to decide how much you want to pay them for every sale that they drive to your site.

Third-Party Code

Podia Integrations dashboard

Third-party code is a must-have for any online seller, and it’s only available on the Shaker plan.

You will need this to install Facebook pixel code snippets on your pages to track your advertising performance, or even to integrate countdown timers and other functions from third-party apps like Olark and Sumo.


Podia’s Mover plan has everything that you need to get started with selling digital products and courses.

It will even handle your email marketing and allow you to host your own webinars right on the platform.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, you’ll likely want to move up to their Shaker plan which includes powerful marketing features like embedded buy buttons and affiliate management.

Or especially if you want to create a membership community for your growing audience.

Either way, Podia will handle all of the heavy lifting and technical stuff, so you can focus your time where it belongs, on creating great products.

If you’re still unsure if Podia is the right online course platform for you then read my comparisons: Podia vs. Teachable, Podia vs. Kajabi, or Podia vs. Thinkific.

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