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Teachable Course Examples

7 Real Life Teachable Course Examples [2022]

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Teachable is an excellent platform for beginners who are looking to get started with selling courses online. It handles hosting, design, and even creating your sales page, so you can focus on making great course content.

In this post, I’ll share some Teachable course examples, so you can see what your online course might look like if you use this platform.

You’ll see some examples of real-life online course instructors that are using Teachable to create and market their products. Hopefully, you’ll get inspired to try it out for yourself!

Why Choose Teachable?

Teachable screenshoot

Teachable is one of my top recommendations when beginners are looking for an online course platform. It handles all of the technical stuff, so all you have to worry about is creating quality course content.

It’s user-friendly, and you won’t need to worry about things like where to host your videos, or what plugins you need.

Plus Teachable presents analytics to you in a way that’s simple to understand. That way you can see how much you’re earning and who’s finishing your course right from your dashboard.

While this means that Teachable lacks some of the more advanced features of other course platforms, I think that’s a worthwhile tradeoff for the ease of getting started that it provides, so I found 7 Best Teachable Alternatives.

7 Teachable Course Examples

Below are some examples of real course sellers who use Teachable to sell their knowledge and expertise.

They show a wide variety of different course topics, which I think is proof that you can make nearly any passion or hobby into a profitable online course.

While some big internet marketers are selling popular courses, there’s also thousands of everyday people just like you doing it too.

The course sellers in the examples below have successfully turned their passion into a course of income for themselves.

1. Angela Fehr Watercolour

Angela Fehr Watercolour Teachable online course


Angela Fehr is a Canadian watercolor instructor who started off on Youtube by teaching painting techniques for free. To date, she’s amassed an impressive 70,000+ subscribers, as well as an Instagram audience that’s approaching 10,000. 

Using that following and brand recognition that she generated by offering over 200 free videos to the world, she launched her online course website.

Angela currently offers a membership program that gives you access to a 26 course bundle, or you can purchase many of her courses individually.

Her goal is to provide heart-led courses that help transform her students into their own favorite artist. 

In addition to online courses, she also advertises her in-person workshops through her website, and also earns a commission for recommending products on Amazon and through Blick Art Supplies.

2. We Are Wildness

Teachable online course We Are Wildness University


We Are Wildness was founded by the self-described “wild woman introvert,” eco-feminist, and social media maven Alissa Wild.

This online educational hub is made for outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who is looking to reconnect back with nature.

We Are Wildness offers a handful of free in-depth courses in exchange for providing your email address.

They also offer paid courses ranging from $29 to $200+.

What I find really interesting is that the website is open for other experts, educators, or mentors to join and teach their own courses as well.

All of their instructors receive a 50/50 split. The instructor earns 50% of their course sales each month, and the We Are Wildness team gets the other 50% for hosting, advertising, and marketing the courses.

I think it’s a really genius way to earn some extra income while also empowering and working with other subject matter experts.

3. 52Kards

Teachable online course 52Kards


Asad Chaudhry is the brains behind the 52Kards Youtube channel, which now has over a MILLION subscribers!

To go along with that, the 52Kards Academy was created with Teachable to provide courses and online tutorials so students can take their card magic skills to the next level.

Free courses are available, like a playing card guide which teaches amateur magicians how to choose their perfect deck and how to take care of their cards.

These are mainly used to upsell MINT, which is 52Kard’s custom marked deck of cards that is also for sale through the site.

But the main course 52Kards offers is the Foundations of Card Magic course, which provides a comprehensive lesson plan for learning card magic.

4. Standup NY

Teachable online course Standup NY


Breaking into standup comedy can be both nerve-wracking and difficult for beginners. That’s why this New York City comedy venue has created an online course to teach would-be comedians how they can improve their act.

Standup NY has been in business since 1986 and has hosted comedy legends like Kevin Hart, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, and Chris Rock. So it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about comedy.

“The Tight Five” course costs $187 and helps students to develop their best five minute stand up set.

Using Teachable, it delivers a combination of video content taught by seven real comedians, as well as practical written exercises to accompany them.

5. Elite Tattoo Pro

Teachable online course Elite Tattoo Pro


Who would’ve thought that you could teach tattooing online?

Well, Brendan Jackson seems to be making it work. His popular and comprehensive online course covers every aspect of tattooing from basic to advanced techniques. And it’s all delivered through Teachable.

The course contains 38+ modules which are comprised of 140 lessons and over 120 professional tattoo videos.

Students can either pay $135 in full to get instant access, which will save them $21. Or they can make 4 payments of $39 per month.

That seems extremely reasonable to me, for what is sold as “the world’s most comprehensive online tattooing course!”

Especially when apprenticing with an experienced tattoo artist or attending a “tattoo school” can cost $10,000 or more.

6. Thrifty Homesteader Academy

Teachable online course Thrifty Homesteader Academy


If you thought that an online course on tattooing was a bit niche, what about a practical guide on successfully raising goats?

That’s exactly what Deborah Niemann offers through her $129 “Goats 101” course. She also offers a $147 course on goat birthing and raising kids, as well as a 6 course bundle subscription called “Goats 365” which costs $19 per month.

She also offers courses on other homesteading topics, like a $38 course on making your own toxin-free soap called “Coming Clean.”

Deborah’s courses are proof positive that even if your target audience is “thrifty homesteaders,” you can still make a good income by selling online courses in that niche.

Maybe your thing isn’t goats. But perhaps you know enough about guinea pigs, rabbits, or some other animal that you could make a series of your own animal-based online courses!

7. Swordschool

Teachable online course Swordschool


Like most martial arts instructors, Guy Windsor began by sharing his knowledge exclusively through in-person classes.

But now he shares his extensive knowledge about historical European martial arts through online courses that he sells using Teachable.

You can take a free beginner’s course in using a medieval longsword or rapier from Guy. But eventually it’s likely that some students of the free course will convert into paying customers of some of his other products.

There is a full membership program for $45 per month that gives access to all 9 of his courses, so you can work through them at your own pace. Or students can choose to buy one of his courses individually for a one-time payment of between $140 and $499.

Use Teachable To Create Your Own Course

You might be an expert in sword fighting, tattooing, or raising goats. Whatever you’re passionate about, Teachable makes it easy to create and sell courses of your own.

I hope that seeing these examples has inspired you, and shown that there isn’t really any topic that’s too niche to be taught as an online course.

You won’t know until you try. So why not start with Teachable and try creating your own online course today?

If you use the Teachable free plan, you really have nothing to lose except the time you’d invest into creating your course content.

You might just find that you can turn your hobby into a business that can earn you a six-figure income while teaching people about a topic that you love.

If you’re still unsure if Teachable is the right online course platform for you then read my Teachable comparison articles:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of courses are on teachable?

Teachable is such a fantastic online learning organization. There are so many courses that are available, and there are many types of skills you are able to teach yourself. 

What is great about teachable is that it is available for employees of companies to use, and it is also available for the public too. Given this, everyone can have access to the courses available.

The courses range from hobbies to in depth information for huge corporations. There are six different types of courses available to choose from — Arts, Health, Niche, Academics, Membership, and business.

However, within these different types of courses, there is a wide plethora of different individual courses to choose from. Here are some examples of the courses available in each section:

Arts — Watercolor, Cake Decoration, and Lettering

Health — Nutrition advice, Work out plans, and Yoga

Niche — Home Cooking, Houseplant Care, and Shoe Making

Academics — Languages, 3D Design, and Music Production

Membership —  Trading Skills, Coding Classes, and Marketing
Business — The New York Times, Stack Skills, and Cover Insurance

As you can see, there is such a wide variety of different courses that are available to choose from. In addition to this, more and more are being offered. There really is a Teachable course available for the majority of different needs and interests. 

How many courses are on teachable?

As we have already touched upon, there are so many courses available on Teachable, and there is a course to suit the majority of needs and interests. Currently, there are 500 Start-ups and Tim Draper courses available. 

In addition to this, there are close to 500 different courses available to students. Given this popularity, around 100,000 students use Teachable to help develop their skills further, which shows it is a fantastic teaching platform. 

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