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Thinkific Course Examples

7 Real Life Thinkific Course Examples [2022]

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Thinkific is an online course platform that enables even beginners to quickly and easily create courses.

But wouldn’t you like to see some real-life examples of what Thinkific is capable of creating before you sign up and put all that effort into making your course material?

That’s why I’ve put together this list of Thinkific course examples. They were created by ordinary people just like you, and they’ve grown from just an idea into a successful online business.

I hope that seeing some of these examples will help prompt you with some potential course ideas of your own that you could create.

Why Choose Thinkific?

Thinkific online courses

Thinkific isn’t overwhelming or overly technical for beginners, like some online course platforms can tend to be.

Everything that you need is easily accessible on your dashboard and simple to navigate.

You can create as many courses as you want on Thinkific, and the platform makes it easy to get paid directly via Paypal or Stripe.

Plus with the Thinkific free plan, you can get started on creating your online course today at zero cost, and you don’t even have to enter your credit card to sign up.

But if you want to get unlimited capabilities over your courses check these Thinkific Pricing Plans and what they offer.

6 Thinkific Course Examples

Below are some great examples of people who have taken a passion and turned it into an online course that now earns them money each month.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is sewing, carpentry, tai chi, or anything else. With a little work, you can find a market of paying customers for nearly anything that you either do as a hobby or professionally.

1. Dunbar Academy

Thinkific online course Dr. Dunbar's Dog Behavior & Training Academy


Figuring out how to train your dog can be difficult, especially if you’ve just got a puppy for the first time.

Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Behavior & Training Academy fills that need with an extensive library of online courses. 

Through Thinkific, the Dunbar Academy is able to offer an extensive collection of free courses. Including essential training and behavior tips for new dog owners.

They offer subscription programs at accessible prices.

For example, you can access the Dog Lover’s Library for $8 per month, which contains 9 courses to help raise and train a dog and address any problem behaviors. Or you can pay $20 per month for the Top Dog Academy, which provides more than 100 hours of accredited video workshops and seminars.

Compared to signing up for traditional puppy classes in-person or getting private one-on-one training from an expert, these courses give people valuable knowledge at bargain prices.

Plus they don’t even need to leave their home!

Aside from just courses, Thinkific enables the Dunbar Academy to offer a $150 collection of digital books, behavior blueprints, and videos as well.

2. Katie Evans – The Workshop 101

Thinkific online course Katie Evans – The Workshop 101


Key to Photography 101: The Worship is a 4-week, interactive video course run by professional photographer Katie Evans.

It gives your students everything they need to know about using their DSLR camera and taking better pictures. Whether they’re totally brand new to photography, or current photographers who are just looking to improve.

Using Thinkific’s ability to drip feed courses, students get access to weekly modules that contain easy-to-follow videos, a workbook, as well as a copy of Katie Evan’s best-selling photography book.

Students also get access to a private Facebook group.

Katie also offers “Office Hours” to her students where she answers questions and offers advice.

Thinkific’s built-in affiliate program means that Katie is also able to automatically make all of her students eligible for her course affiliate program.

For any sales that students refer, they can earn 33% of the sale. So after just 3 sales, they can make back the cost of their course!

3. Coastal Drone Co

Thinkific online course Coastal Drone Co


Drones are becoming more and more popular as they start to reach a price that’s affordable for the average consumer. But they can also be tricky to fly, and there are a lot of laws around their use that owners need to know.

That’s why former airplane pilot Kate Klassen founded Coastal Drone Co. It teaches drone owners how to fly their drones, and also teaches them about various aviation rules and regulations that they need to abide by.

The $95 Basic Pilot Certification teaches beginners who are just getting started. And there’s also a $599 Advanced Pilot Certification for advanced or full-time drone professionals.

Kate previously spent a lot of time teaching in-person training, which meant a lot of traveling between different training locations.

Through offering online courses, she’s able to reach more students at once and provide more tailored coaching to meet the specific needs of her students.

To date, Coastal Drone Co has taught over 4,500 drone pilots.

4. Olive Knits

Thinkific online course Olive Knits


Marie Greene began knitting at her grandma’s side when she was just 11 years old. Today, she has turned that passion into a full-time business.

Marie offers a ton of products through her website. She’s got three books, a blog, and a podcast.

She also sells her own custom-made patterns for knitting sweaters, cardigans, tees, accessories,and more.

To round out this impressive selection of product offerings, she also has online courses and membership programs available.

For $129 you can take her “Best Sweater Ever!” course which will guide you through the full process of making a sweater.

A few times per year, Marie opens up her Knit Camp Online membership community.

Members can pay $24.95 per month or $249 per year. For that price, they get access to monthly tutorials and techniques to improve their knitting skills.

Each members gets 12 patterns each year, which can include Knit Camp exclusives. Members also get access to the exclusive members-only social network.

5. Rachel’s English Academy

Thinkific online course Rachel’s English Academy


Rachel’s English Academy isn’t necessarily aimed at teaching you the language from scratch. Instead, her promise is to help people with English as a second language to be “better understood by Americans.”

In other words, it helps non-native English speakers to lose their accent and sound more like a native English speaker.

Rachel has been teaching the nuances of English pronunciation since 2008. She started off with her Youtube channel, which now has over 2.5 million subscribers!

Students can pay $27 per month, or they can save 20% by paying $259 per year for an annual membership. For that price, they get access to daily training and 15 rigorous courses.

Plus live coaching each month where they learn directly from Rachel, downloadable audio files, and access to a private Facebook group.

6. GuitarZero2Hero

Thinkific online course GuitarZero2Hero


GuitarZero2Hero teaches people how to play the guitar online. From the absolute basics for beginners, all the way up to more complicated techniques like fingerpicking, barre chords, or using FX pedals.

In addition to a wealth of free courses, GZ2H offers premium plans that give access to a full library of 170+ premium videos and PDFs.

Plus live online Q&A sessions, and other benefits. It covers all genres from acoustic to rock and blues.

Using Thinkific, GZ2H offers flexible pricing options.

Students can either pay $17 per month for month-to-month access, they can pay $99 one time for 1 year access, or they can pay $199 once to get lifetime access to all of the premium material.

Use Thinkific To Create Your Own Course

This list of courses above shows the results of ordinary people just like you, who decided to take their passion projects and transform them into an online course by using Thinkific.

I hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas of the types of online courses that you may be able to create for yourself.

Thinkific has a free plan available which is one of the most generous offerings of any online course platform.

You can use it to create up to 3 courses for an unlimited number of students without paying a penny. And best of all, there’s no transaction fees.

So what have you got to lose?

If you’re wanting to see what other options are out there for selling your online course, then check out my Thinkific comparisons:

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